Xenoverse 2 Closed Beta Review

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Finally after months and months of waiting we all got our first game of Xenoverse 2 as part of the “Xenoverse 2 Closed Beta”.

(the following is a review of the Closed beta version and will most likely change by time of release)

My first impressions of the game are very good indeed! Xenoverse was a game i feel i did not play enough of but what i did i loved the story and fighting system as well as the loose RPG elements that were scattered through it; but lets get serious, its all about the battles!

Xenoverse 2 drops you into the massive Conton city which itself branches off into “rifts” which are made up of locations such as Majin Buu’s house, Freeza’s Ship and Kame house. At these rift locations you can do various extra missions and tasks as well as extended functions like team creation.

The fighting system in Xenoverse 2 has been very much improved from the first game. Not much has changed and the controls are pretty much the same as they were before but the whole experience is alot more slicker and provides a much more rounded experience. This ffighting system gets my highest praise for fluidity and how they have managed to make the controls very user friendly whilst at the same time also requiring many many hours of practice to become a master player.

My only complaint from my play in the Xenoverse 2 Closed beta was the Parallel Quests (PQ) as from what i played they were just the same levels i had played in Xenoverse 1 such as the Namek collect the Dragon Balls level and the first big rumble with the Z-Fighters.

On this aspect i will feel a bit let down if there is not alot more content within the PQ section , for ¬£69.99 i expect a bit more than a slicked experience. When the Street Fighter games do this they just add the “Super” Prefix and its never really a full release, i will be a a tad let down if this is the case BUT this was the Closed Beta and alot of things could change or be added between now and the official Game Launch.

In closing, other than the game feeling like a bit of a graphical and UI update at the moment I absolutelly love it and reguardless this game will be a MUST BUY for fans of Dragon Ball and Fighting Games in general.

I am a live long lover of fighting games and this hits the spot! At this point it gets a solid 4.5/5!

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