WWE 150 : Raw March 13th 2017

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We open up this week with heyman talking and Lesnar not talking wrestlemania.

Foley has to sack someone tonight – Steph says He has till the end of the show to choose.

Dana Brooke lost to Sasha banks via a handful of rights.

205 tag action next as Nese and Kendrick beat tozawa and Perkins. Handfuls of tights again.

Zayn/Jericho got fed to Owens/joe but won the match via dq.

filler matches – reigns squashed mahal, big show squashed O’Neil after new day skit, tag champs ruined the no1 contenders match so we have a triple threat at Mania. Aries, beat daivari. Bayley beat jax by dq.

We end with Foley’s decision – he tries to fire Steph! Triple H tries to eject him but gets greeted by MrSocko! The game takes upper hand via Steph low-blow until Rollins makes save, and was doing well till tripleH used his crutch against him.


Will Wrestlemania ever please all the fans? Casual fans wants big returns, kids want John cena, new day and some Lucha Lucha chanting, and purists want all the indie stars who unfortunately can’t draw a crowd like the rock or the undertaker.  Wrestlemania is Broken. Several of its stars need Deleted.


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