WWE RAW Preview – The Night after Wrestlemania 33 – Who is Returning??? UPDATED!

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Xavier woods of the new day during the new days introduction to wrestlemania 33 from orlando florida - wwe raw the night after preview

Xavier woods of the new day during the new day’s introduction to WrestleMania 33 from Orlando Floridawwe raw the night after preview

We are now on Day 3 of 5 of Mania Weekend … or Week!

Wrestlemania  33, What can I say but WOW!  For another year the WWE have managed to set everyone’s expectations low for Wrestlemania and then showed us all that when they want to, the WWE can more than deliver on a monumentus event when they want to!  In the next few days we will be posting reviews for Wrestlemania 33, today we are looking forward to the Raw  (and Smackdown) AFTER Wrestlemania 33  as all us Marks know that this  is the show where the majority of the weekends surprises will happen.

WWE Raw tonight is set -up to be one of the most entertaining and action-packed shows of the year,  Lets have a think about who could return / Debut or just  Suprise us tonight!

  • First, let’s look at the most obvious return for WWE Raw tonight … The  Broken Hardys!   If you have not seen the show yet then run away from this page now as in a few words time you are going to have the biggest moment of Wrestlemania ruined.  The Hardys returned to the WWE last, night showing up and entering into the WWE Raw Tag Team  Title Ladder match… and they won!    The real question here is not whether they show up on Raw as being the new champs  I would imagine them being on Raw is a   lock. The real question is WHAT version of the Hardys are we going to get … will they be, BROKEN?!(Going by Cole saying things are about to get “Broken” on commentary and the Promo that they cut after the match, all signs point to  Broken Matt and Brother Nero  being the versions  we will see, Hopefully!
hardys win wwe raw tag titles AT WRESTLEMANIA 33 ORLANDO

Hardys win wwe raw tag titles AT WRESTLEMANIA 33 ORLANDO

  • THE Demon Finn Bálor?  Not too long ago, Finn Balor made his monumental debut to the WWE, this was a moment that many fans were looking forward to for a long time! Within a few weeks of Debuting  (after being Draughted from NXT) Finn had got himself a match against Seth Rollins to see who would be the first ever WWE  Universal  Champion.  Finn won this match but bad luck hit him with a furious backhand and in the same match he became the champion he received a very bad injury. The next night to everyones’  sadness Finn had to give the championship up as he could not compete.   Fast forward to the middle of March,  Finn returns to the WWE although he has been kept out of sight, only working house shows.Could tonight be the night that Finn Balor returns to the WWE, and could he hook up with his former Bullet Club members gallows and Anderson?


  • Shinsuke Nakamura? Shinsuke is arguably one of the best Wrestlers the world has ever seen. Nakamura is a man who just oozes charisma from every pore in his body and has made huge waves in the last year with his time at NXT, a time which has lasted lot a lot longer than it needed with people clamouring to see him on the main roster.   At this weekend’s NXT Takeover Orlando show,  Nakamura lost in his attempt to regain the NXT Championship from Bobby Roode. For us watching on the WWE Network,  when the match ended the show went off the air fast but for those in attendance at the event in Orlando they witnessed an NXT farewell for Nakamura.It seems that  WWE did their best to avoid telegraphing any Potential  Raw / Smackdown debut but all signs do point to Nak appearing on Raw or Smackdown in the very near future.  Will Nakamura appear at Raw… or Smackdown?! (what do you think? tell us below!)
will shinsuke nakamura debut on wwe raw or smackdown after wrestlemania 33 orlando

will Shinsuke Nakamura debut on wwe raw or smackdown after WrestleMania 33 Orlando

Other potentials to Debut in the next few days are NXT’s The Revival,  Asuka  (Paige debuted as NXT Women’s Champion ), Drew MacIntyre and … The Drifter, the latter of which has been more or less confirmed according to The Wrestling Observers Dave Meltzer. This is just a small selection of the people who may be debuting in the next few days, there are many others who are in this position. Do you know of anyone we may have missed? Tell us in the comments!

Also, not so much a return, but I  do wonder if  The Undertaker will show up on Raw and have a proper retirement ceremony akin to what Ric Flair for all those years ago. One thing is certain is that The Undertaker deserves this but he is a man who sticks to his character 100%, so who knows if something like this may happen or not. (keep an eye on WWE’s Twitter!)

Whatever happens, one thing we do know is that the Raw and now the Smackdown after Wrestlemania are  always jam packed with excitement and surprised and really cannot be missed!

will asuka debut at raw or smackdown wwe after wrestlemania 33 orlando 2017

will Aasuka debut at raw or smackdown WWE after WrestleMania 33 Orlando 2017

I Personally am holding out for some BROKEN  Matt and Brother Nero … it would be  WONDERFUL!

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Hot off the Twitter by way of @guyingreenwwe , He has managed to snap some images of Finn Balor (with Noam Dar ) entering the arena for tonights WWE RAW!

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