wwe raw 8th may 2017 review he is the miz and he is awesome dean facepalm in background

WWE Raw – May 8th 2017

It’s mental health awareness week in the U.K. So of course, the Lunatic Fringe from Ambrose Asylum is running the show in Kurt Angle’s absence. The Miz also claims to be co-GM this week.
Braun comes out to say his piece about Brock and Roman, but Kalisto interrupts. Braun claims he could beat him with one arm, which is great because he has a sling on. Ambrose makes the match, then closes by making the Miz face Finn Balor.

Balor owns Miz for the entire
Match, with Miz doing all his usual shenanigans, culminating in him grabbing Balor and throwing him into the ref, then disqualifying him for putting hands on the ref. He leaves to a chorus of boos, before Ambrose restarts the match. Balor hits all his signature moves and wins the match.

Seth Rollins attacks Samoa Joe during an interview and they get broken up by the usual referees, Pat Patterson, Jamie Noble – and is that a returning Joey Mercury?

Alexa Bliss with Nia Jaxx in her corner is up next against Mickie James who appears to be face again. She brings Bayley to the ring with her. The match seems to end early with Bliss getting the pin after pulling Mickie from the top rope. Jaxx then attacks her after the bout.

Kalisto awaits Strowman, who tries to avoid the match due to injury. He flattens Kalisto after being blindsided, until Reigns music hits somewhere behind the boos. He flattens Braun and attacks him with a chair. They can both have a few weeks off now. TBC….

A tag team turmoil is up next. Enzo and Cass milk the crowd but get beaten quickly by Cesaro and Sheamus. Rhyno and Slater are also quickly dispatched. They’ve fallen waaay down the pecking order. Gallows and Anderson next, and also fall. The last team is The Golden Truth. Their big chance….. it lasts 2
Minutes. Sheamus and Cesaro are now no.1 contenders.

Rollins vs Joe next. A great back and forth until Joe exposes the turnbuckle. He throws Seth into it in full view of the ref and gets disqualified. He continues the attack, ending with a Kohina Clutch.

205 live gets a later showing this week for just one match. Gallagher
Loses to TJP in a really short match. A shame for the UK fans. I still find it hilarious how they change the whole ring set up for such a small match.

The Boss – Sasha, not Vince is next against Foxy. You know who won. 2
Horrible filler matches. This needs to get better, and there’s only one match left……

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt – our main event. Miz is on commentary. Wyatt takes the early advantage until he missed a middle rope senton. The Lunatic takes control and hits a top rope double axhandle to the outside. The Miz makes his way to the ring, but gets flattened as Ambrose flies through the ropes. Miz recovers and blasts Ambrose with the IC belt to hand the win to Wyatt, via Sister Abigail. Miz picks up the scraps and closes out the show.

A poor show this week. Yes,
It was mostly matches,
Rather than talking, but
The majority of the matches saw most superstars getting only a couple minutes in the ring. Also no Neville or Noam Dar in matches for home