wwe raw may 2017 apollo cruise takes off into the world of being a heel via joining THE TITUS BRAND!

WWE Raw – May 15th 2017

Heelturns. Often career defining moments designed to shock. Sometimes tumbleweed. Tonight we had  2 instances of tumbleweed. Goldust turning on R-truth  made sense . They’ve done nothing of note, Apart from being comedy fodder. The what now doesn’t make sense. 2 guys in the twilight of their careers in a pointless feud that won’t help anyone.

Appollo Crews on the other hand, finally succumbed to Titus O’Neil’s charms of the  darkside. Nobody cares. I feel for the guy, he’s immensely talented, but not over with the crowd.  This may help him, but it’ll be a slow burner. Titus’ mocking of Enzo Amore was gold! This guy is one of the best entertainers with a Mic in the WWE. Let’s see how this pans out…..

I didn’t enjoy this week’s show too much, and I think it’s way too samey just now.  The cruiserweights division seems to consist of only 4 wrestlers and  have been downgraded to one match a week.

Alexa Bliss continues to be an amazing heel.  Her upcoming match against Bayley will involve a Kendo stick at extreme rules.  This could be fun. Bayley will need to perform out her comfort zone.  She got well and truly caned tonight.

Kurt Angle announced the usual clusterfuck title match with 27 participants I think. 4 of those participating stars faced off tonight as Roman Reigns beat Finn Balor in an intriguing bout of 2 men who never lose.  Rollins vs Wyatt was called off after interference by Samoa Joe. But Wyatt ended the show by laying them both to waste at the hands of Sister Abigail.

The Miz also beat Dean Ambrose via dq, but got a kick in the balls for us troubles. One of the Hardys beat Sheamus or Cesaro as well, although the latter have went rogue recently, the Hardys have been getting the lions sharenif victories in actual matches. Will this change at Extreme Rules – I hope so. As happy as I am to see them with the gold, I really, really want them to revert  to their alter egos. I never liked the actual Hardys gimmick that much until their recent TNA run.

  • Thats all for this week. 

Oh yeah – the crowd were assholes as well. Piss Off with the CM Punk chants!

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