WWE Raw 300 – April 10th 2017

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It’s superstar shake-up this week, where people like Curt Hawkins, Appolo Crews and David Otunga are traded to keep the product interesting…….

This weeks show starts with John Cena and Nikki Bella. After a while,
Ambrose interupts them, and berates Miz and Maryse, before discovering it actually IS them! He then delivers a dirty deeds.

The Revival beat New Day again. Shatter Machine delivered to Woods to win. They were minus Kofi tonight due to injury.

Hawkins is In the ring, the crowd greet him with intense apathy. Big show comes out to KO him and leaves.

TJ Perkins turned heel on Aries for some reason. He was getting loud boos
Prior to the turn. Aries was rolled up after a distraction from Neville.

Seth is staying on Raw.  Samoa Joe tried to ruin the moment but was sent packing by the Architect.

Mia Jax steamrollered Charlotte surprisingly. Couple of awkward moments but she’s improving fast.

Balor beat Jinder. Wyatt teases a future rivalry.

Miz loses to Zayn! Hopefully they keep the Miz’s momentum going. He’s been gold recently. I’d have preferred him to stay Blue.

Cole interviews Reigns next. Braaaaaaauuuuuunnnnnn crashes the party and goes on to deliver a beating that will be remembered for years to come. Loudest pop of the year was when he threw the stretcher off a ledge, and then he went one better! Reigns gets put into an ambulance, and Braun only goes and tips the damn thing over! The crowd go wild!

The Hardys/ Sheamus/Cesaro beat Shining Stars/Anderson/Gallows. The drifter showed up, but wasn’t escorted away this time. Why was he here?

Ambrose beats Owens. Jericho storms the ring afterwards and delivers a codebreaker to finish the show.

The women also had about 15 trade offs.

Part 2 of the shakeup is tomorrow,
Stay tuned.

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