WWE Raw 24th April 2017

This week’s show starts of with a brilliant Highlight Reel/ Miz TV/ Ambrose Asylum mash-up. Interrupting each other and starting a new show, these 3 made comedy gold. Miz and Jericho are the 2 best talkers in WWE and Ambrose just makes a mess of everything, in a good way! The outcome is that if Jericho wins against Owens at Payback, he’ll join Smackdown Live. Miz has to find a partner to face Ambrose and Jericho in the main event.

Matt Hardy beat Sheamus in singles action with the Hardys winning 2 weeks in a row. Jeff caused a distraction this time, and tensions increased, but they all remain friends, for now…..
The fans are shouting Delete, the TV cameras show ‘Broken Hardy Boyz’ signs. Will they go for it?

Aries and Gallagher beat Perkins and Neville in a match that deserved more time. Perkins took the fall, leaving the main combatants relatively unscathed.

Kalisto amazingly beat Strowman in a Dumpster Match, by kicking his legs out, making him fall into the dumpster, but at what cost? Strowman went on a tear, stuffing a beaten up Kalisto into the Dumpster and throwing it off the arena ramp.
Kalisto had new music and new mask. It makes him look more serious, but in my opinion, he was so over with the kids, they should have just left the music.

Dana Brooke beat Foxy in a short match. She has a great look, but her wrestling is still not fluid. Emma was there as well to continue their story.

The club and Samoa Joe beat up Enzo before the next match. He’s unable to fight so Balor joins Cass and Rollins in this 6man-tag. Another very short match in which Rollins debuted a new knee strike finisher.

After a 3-way promo with Bliss,
Banks and Bayley, Alexa faces Sasha.
Sasha wins by countout in another match that lasted less time than the buildup. Alexa’s heel work is amazing!
Crews beat Hawkins in 2 minutes. Titus tried to congratulate Crews. It was similar to the Emma/Dana angle. Way too similar!

The Miz has his partner- or so he thought. No one comes out.
He tries to leave, but GM Kurt Angle makes him fight regardless. Miz gets a beatdown from Ambrose and is away to get dirty deeds on the announce table, but Wyatt put the lights out and turns the tables. He appears to help Miz until he tried to celebrate with the Eater of Worlds. Wyatt lays him out with Sister Abigail and the show ends with everyone decimated and Wyatt screaming ‘Follow The Buzzards’