WWE NXT 03 May 2017

Sanity come out first this week, but just Killian Dain and Eric Young. It’s Dain wrestling this week, and he’s up against fellow Brit Danny Birch. Birh got a little offense in, but it was essentially a squash match to showcase his powers.

The next match was literally a squash match as heavy machinery bulldozed two small men. Dozovic picking up both, before Tucker Knight jumped on his back and they flattened the two poor chaps underneath. They then call out The Authors of Pain. That’s gonna be a clash of giants!

Kona Reeves, after a pep talk from Bobby Roode, is up against a returning Hideo Itami. After 7 months out, Itami has his sights on the gold. Reeves attacks before the bell, but after too much time wasting, Itami came back and finished him with GTS. I predict a bright future for Reeves, even though he was an afterthought in this contest.

We get another look at Roderick Strong’s story before William Regal informs Bobby Roode that Strong vs Itami will take place next week with the winner facing Roode at Takeover Chicago.

Woman’s battle royale next for no.1 contender. A bunch of new faces make up the 15 starters, and they all get some time before the established stars are left. Final 3 are Moon, Riot and Storm. Moon has the big advantage before Asuka runs in and throws Moon off the top rope before attacking the others. “No one is ready for Asuka”. The bell sounds and it’s a no contest. The crowd boos loudly. A furious Regal decrees that all 3 women will get a chance in a fatal 4-way at Takeover. The show ends with Nikki laughing demonically.

Almost 400 days with the belt – I feel this is the best way for Asuka to lose the title and move on to the main roster, WITHOUT LOSING A MATCH!