WWE 300 : Smackdown Live 9th May 2017 : I Lost the will to live!

wwe smackdown 9th may 2017 nakamura and dolph face off nakamura is awesome and will be the next wwe champion
wwe smackdown 9th may 2017 nakamura and dolph face off nakamura is awesome and will be the next wwe champion
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Good day everyone and welcome to ANOTHER edition of WWE 300 – Smackdown Live with myself leading you through the last episode of Smackdown live with my honest outlook.

Why are the articles called WWE300 … Well, we are meant to only have a 300-word limit, but for raw/smackdown this is becoming impossible, regardless … Lets review Smackdown Live from the 9th May 2017! (and be sure to read our WWE 300 articles for Raw and NXT , written by WoT’s Ando!

The show opened with a brief Jinder promo … meh!

The first segment, well, I cannot say much more than it sucked. Because we are in the UK we get a Talking segment with all the top heels and faces of Smackdown. Randy, Jinder, Owens, AJ and Corbin, who got rushed by Sami! Everyone started bickering with the good guys standing in the ring as the …victors… of a talking segment.


Segment 2, I literally lost the will to live. This was the same as the first segment but replace the top men for the top women and Elsworth. Like segment one, this Sucked!

MATCH 1 – FINALLY! Becky Vs Natty. The crowd were hot for Becky! The match was decent, Natty is a good heel and as always she is solid in the ring. Natty got the win after some fighting outside got her distracted. The Bad Woman team act smug as  … After the match, we see the Good Woman’s team backstage infighting amongst themselves. Come on girls! Six Woman tag match is set for Backlash, this could be good!


After the match, we see the Good Woman’s team backstage infighting. Building to Backlash.

Next up, Fashion Files UK Edition. This was funny but I want WRESTLING!


Match 2, Eric Rowan Vs Luke Harper. I would have preferred to have seen some sort of feud leading into this match but no, we are just diving in with these two former friends now fighting for no reason. This match was fun, a real good big guy Vs big guy match with Harper (as expected) looking the better of the 2.  Rowan win via a sneaky eye poke into a spinning Powerslam. I guess he is a bad guy now, and the mask controls him?

A loud FIRE BRADSHAW Chant here, this was funny.


Next, Dolph says he is going to face Nakamura for the first time. He comes out and cuts another one of is pseudo-shoot promos, they got old weeks ago. The UK Fans were hot, loads of NXT chants and singing of Nak’s theme. Nakamura came out and faces Dolph. What can i say, Shinsuke is just pure Charisma and has one of the best entrances in wrestling today.

Shinsuke takes the mic from Dolph, tells him to shut up, tells him to get ready, NOW!  A Referee runs out of nowhere and the tease the match happening NOW, but Dolph backs out, Calls Nak a fraud and goes to leave but attacks Nak … before it all went wrong for Dolph , Nak beat the piss out of him! Roll on Backlash!


The Fashion Police vs The Ascension happened. It was just as you would expect. It happened and was ok, nothing bad but Nothing special sadly.


Finally, main event time. (everything between sucked. I refuse to cover it) Jinder, Owens and Corbin (with the Singh brothers) faced and defeated Orton, AJ and Zayn. Jinder got the pin after hitting his Cobra Clutch Slam. The match was ok, a messy 6 + 2 man. I find it hard to compliment this match as i feel like i am trying to polish a turd, and that just cannot be done.

I have overlooked SO much from this week’s episode in this review, Rusev popped up and Mojo Rawley was annoying as usual … Videos for this are posted below!


This week’s episode, if i was to give star ratings would get 1/2 a star… A very weak episode of Smackdown Live!

Rusev Makes a statement on his return … RUSEV CRUSH! GET THIS MAN BACK ON OUR TV NOW!


Mojo Rawley Sucking hard as usual. I was really hoping he was going to be a complete prick to these kids but no, just Mojo!


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