WWE 300 – NXT 12th April 2017

This week’s show was a transitional show. It felt a bit like the old
WWF Suoerstars, a means of putting over new talent in a series of quick matches. A chance to say hello (again), and a chance to say goodbye.

Aleister Black ended Corey Hollis’ dreams with a single kick.
The Dutchman is going to be be popular, and already seems to be taking on the Samoa Joe role. The fans chants echoed my opinion

Next up – DIY returned after their valiant loss to AOP at takeover. They faced a new team of Dylan Miley and Michael Blais. This introduced Miley as a force to be reckoned with. He owned the bout and when his team lost due to Blais getting pinned, he turned on him. We have a new monster heel. Who’ll be his next target?

Ruby Riot beat Kimberley in a match that was ok, but was just part of the bigger storyline with Nikki Cross, who turned up at ringside to taunt.

Our main event this week saw  Drew McIntyre come to Full Sail. He was pitted against Oney Lorcan who has technically main evented for 2 weeks in a row. Drew got the win via his famous running boot. I don’t know if I like his new entrance music, but it certainly looks like they’ll take him seriously this time. I know they did last time initially,  But hopefully they won’t mess it up again, like they have with other returning stars.

Shinsuke Nakamura came out to say goodbye to the fans. There was tears, thanks given and the ultimate respect shown to the departing King of Strong Style as the entire roster gave him a standing ovation at the top of the ramp. He will be missed, but this show was about the N(e)XT generation.