WWE 150 – NXT Apr 05 2017

The NXT after a big event is often mostly talk with a couple of filler matches. This week was like that, but the show highlighted some different superstars.

Peyton Royce beat Aliyah easily but the fans seem to like Aliyah to the point she may be the new Bayley. Royce/Kay continue to be strong heels.

Heavy Machinery literally squashed the Bollywood  Boys. Dozovic and Knight getting a push it seems in quite a shallow tag division  now since The Revival are now gone. Their finisher is inventive and they have a bit of fun in the ring too.

Drew McIntyre returns next week!

Onay Lorcan’s open challenge for the main event sees a debuting El Vagabundo. He looks and sounds like the recently fired Drifter and even had a guitar and a song to sing. Lorcan unmasked him en-route to a win, and the show ends with Samson being ejected.

* Did you notice the security guard ejecting Elias Samson? The very same woman who tried to stop Gronk getting  in the ring during the Andre the Giant Battle Royale! My mind tells me that the Wrestlemania spot was a botch, but this was planned. She seems pretty badass, so I wonder if we’ll see her again, or was this her swan song as an attempt to compensate for the mistake from earlier in the week. The fact it happened on NXT has me completely bamboozled.  We shall see. Or not.

We all know Samson is going places. I hated his character before but like many in the crowd, I was thoroughly Sports entertained by the whole segment.