WOT Wrestling – Lets go to war – LU Aztec Warfare

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The Channel has arisen, we are stretching our legs by testing a new venture here!

On WOT Wrestling, each week I will be reviewing something from the previous weeks selection board of wrestling!

For Episode one I am reviewing Lucha Undergrounds “Aztec Warfare” mid season special from last Wednesday night (iTunes).

Aztec warfare is the perfect jumping in point for anyone who may have heard of Lucha Underground but have been reluctant to jump in as not only is it a great hour of Wrestling but it sets the stage for the coming season and a half of L.U!

This is the first wrestling podcast i have done, these things are so much harder than they sound as usually i just sit in front of a mic and speak with no notes or a script … now I have to remember stuff.  I am most deffinitelly running up a learning curve but i am loving every minute and want to love it even more, so if you have any feedback please get on touch via twitter @worldoftrash or at www.facebook.com/worldoftrash

Check out this episode!

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