WorldofTrash on Twitch ?

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It has been a while since I have streamed any games on Twitch, but this drought of streams is about to become over!

One thing that has stopped me has been my account name on twitch ‘World of Trash’, as cool as it is I just want to be me and never wanted to create a new channel and start again, so , I just let it lie for a bit.

I have now been able to change the name of the account to something a bit more me … Stevie_abz.

The channel can now be found at … As soon as I have a PS4 Camera (my pc’s all suck now), I will be streaming! (maybe sooner, are cameras even needed?!)

(I am going to try recording podcasts within Fortnite, which could be interesting!)

stevie abz stevie_abz live on twitch

stevie abz stevie_abz live on twitch

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