World of Trash live 002 – no hoax!

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Over the next few weeks we are going to be updating the site starting with all previous podcasts so we are up to date !

The first few episodes of the show were called TRASHCAST live, this was due to me being asked to do a live radio show based off of my TRASHCAST videos although after a few weeks and trying to get on Itunes we soon realized that the name “TRASHCAST” was already taken and that this would make it very difficult for us to ever be seen sadly, so after a few episodes we changed the name which was actually a much better fit as the name was very inclusive and the aim was always to have more people on that just Trash and thus “World of Trash live” was born.

This episode was hosted by Trash on his own as Break-Counter was unavailable on the first few recordings.

below is the synopsis


On this weeks TRASHCAST we have some great chat based interaction and covered the Topics of whether the shooting in paris was a hoax (it was no hoax!!!) and the stupid amount of different fifty pence pieces that circulate the uk .. as well as a load of other nonsence and Hardcore Gabber and Crossbreed!


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