World of Trash Live 001 – room 101 366 days a year.

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Over the next few weeks we are going to be updating the site starting with all previous podcasts so we are up to date !

Here’s where it all started, episode one!

The first few episodes were just Trash on his own as Break-counter was avaliable, below is the synopsis and link to listen to the show!


Welcome to the TRASHCAST Live!

The TRASHCAST started as a short video series (which continues on ) where i take a topic and speak about it for 5 minutes (on a timer).

At the end of 2014 I was approached by Bass Generator Records and asked if i could take the TRASHCAST and transform it into an hour long radio show which has Became “TRASHCAST Live”.

Each week i rant about a range of topics and play a wee bit of Hardcore / Hard Dance music.


For the first week we talked about DJ’s who use youtube rips (cheats!), some funny stories about budding dj’s and why Room 101 is shit these days!

If you want anything discussed on the show please contact me at …


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skype – TRASHCAST.LIVE.Radio

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