When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee – Stevie ABZ

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For a bit of context, lately I have been doing a lot of reearch into online paedophile hunters and how they operate for a short documentry and podcast which will be coming to both here and my Video Channels around March/April.

This week, a very interesting story came to my attention where BBC Northern Ireland Investigative Journalist Kevin Magee basically “stung” (jumped with cameras?) Online Paedophile hunter “James O’ Neil” on his doorstep… A very tacky option in my opinon.

(There had to be another way Kevin!)

This was followed up later by a retalliation “sting” with James and what I can only assume was a another member of Silent Justice catching up with Kevin Magee in a coffee shop and following him around for a bit before the cops were called, you can watch that below.

In this weeks podcast I am just having a chat about this situation and a few other areas of this world which have effected me in my investigation into these groups.

If anyone from this group or incident would like to contact me, send an email to podcasts@worldoftrash.co.uk

Catch me on twitter if you want to talk about anything you have heard … or anything really @stevieCSmith

Check out this episode!

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