What is “World Of Trash”?

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World of Trash has been an entity for many years now, although never once have I ( Stevie) ever actually described what World of Trash is and what the Objective is.

World Of Trash is an independent media company which was created, owned and ran by Stevie Smith with the goal of creating quality film , video and audio products for the general public.

World of Trash over the years has covered ( and still does) a wide range of Dragon Ball, Professional Wrestling and TV reviews and commentary. For many years we have also put out over 100 live Radio streams ( music) and podcasts, covering everything from politics to the shape of Kit-Kats!

Currently,due to Stevie returning to full time education, The amount of content has wound down to a small extent due to balancing workload and in turn, the sites focus (for now) is on production of the #ABZ podcasts , which can be found here, iTunes and all other big podcast aggregators. ( every podcast is also recorded and streamed LIVE via periscope).

For the time being, we have no solid plans on covering Wrestling. In the past, we hosted the weekly “WWE 150” concept where Kev Anderson and Stevie produced reviews of WWE shows, condensed down to 150 words. This may return in the future, if WWE start productions a decent product.

Our Dragon Ball reviews and coverage will be returning in the near future. The only reason the reviews of Dragon Ball content paused was due to the Universe Survival Saga and the need to avoid its spoilers. Stevie is currently writing a whole host of new Dragon Ball content which will return in a few months and tie into the release of the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super : Broly” movie. In the mean time, there is plenty of old Dragon Ball content, which can be found on the Stevie ABZ Channel.

We currently work with creators and artists from around Aberdeen and the UK. We are always looking to work with others. If you have an idea, get in touch.

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