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WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup – English Qualifiers – RESULTS!

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WARNING — Spoilers!

Tonight is the WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup – English Qualifiers.

Welcome to our live coverage of this event.  If you want to watch with us follow the link at the bottom of the Article.  To view results live as they happen refresh the page every 10 -15 minutes for updates.

Match 1

Martin Kirby Vs Will Osprey

Osprey Wins and Advances by countering a Frankensteiner into the Ozcutter.  This was a really good opening match!

Match  2

Rampage Vs Nick Aldis

The pair started off with some grappling then went to some big hits. It was a bit slow at times.  

Rampage gets the win after reversing an iffy Inside Cradle into a Roll Up. Rampage Vs Osprey in round 2!

*Non-Tournament match*

James R Kennedy comes out to grace is at commentary.

Looks like we get James R Kennedy on commentary. I am guessing some shenanigans are potentially afoot.

Matt riddle + Liam Slater vs Prospect (Archer + Gracie)

Good little match here! In the middle of this Gracie pulled out some sticks before he and Riddle had a stick fight.


This was a fun match. Loads of good tag team Wrestling action with plenty of hard hitting action. This is the kind of match we would usually see as the opener but hey, I have complaints as anytime we get to see Riddle in matches like this it’s great!

Riddle and Slater get the win after laying in a mean Tombstone from Riddle followed by a Diving Headbutt by Riddle. Good stuff!

Match 3

Marty Skrull Vs Zach Sabre Jr.

And here we have my Favorite for the WHOLE WCPW Wrestling World Cup , Marty Skrull!

The first 5 minutes of this match was the “Zack Sabre Jr British Wrestling Showcase” with Marty wrestling just as good as the “best Wrestler about”.

Midway through the match Marty fell on his ass and made up for this by going into a really funny little “I fucked up” spot followed by a resounding Yes chant!

Sabre won this match ( i was WRONG) by countering Martys Chickenwing into a Bridge Pin.

As mentioned before this match was a TOP NOTCH technical / British Wrestling style match, no big crazy spots and no power moves, just strait up Technical ability.

This match was very much an AMAZING match, a MUST WATCH for fans of this style … or ANYONE!

Match 4

Jimmy Havoc Vs Zach Gibson

I am not familiar with Zach Gibson  I vaguely remember him from the World of Sport show.  A Nice wee promo from Zach to start with laaaaaa.

Zach tries to make this match a grappling match but Jimmy had other ideas and turned this into a brawl.  Havoc got thrown off the stage into the audience’s chairs. (FANS – when wrestlers say move… FUCKING MOVE!)

Havoc hit a double foot stomp onto Gibson who was laid out in the front row!

Havoc gets the win by hitting a Rainmaker Lariat and goes through to the second Round!


HE wants to talk about Gabriel Kid. The “Kid” has come with inches of making it at WCPW and he wants to give him a second show as Hendry only managed to beat him by pulling his tights.  To make up for this, at WCPW No Regrets Gabriel Kid is in a three-way match with Joe Hendry and CODY RHODES for the WCPW Internet Championship!

He then tells us that in tonight’s main event we will have the Prestige VS Gabriel Kid and THE BULLET CLUB!

Also, sadly Cody cannot be with WCPW tonight as he is filming for “Arrow”, So Adam announces a bonus match, so we are getting El Ligero vs Christopher Daniels for the ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP … and that is happening RIGHT NOW!


El Ligero vs Christopher Daniels  – ROH World Championship Match!

I was expecting this match to be mainly filler regardless of the ROH title involvement and for the most, it seems this was the case although it was damn good filler. We got a good chunk of comedy/entertainment from Daniels on top of what was a very decent back and forth match. The most notable moment for me was Daniels being Arm-dragged to the outside from the inside, it looked brutal.

Ligero almost got the win after hitting a Flip Powerbomb and later on almost won if it was not for the referee who was accidentally knocked silly.

Ligero teases using the ROH title while the ref was down but he had second thoughts.  This pair of them done an awesome job of making us all think that Ligero might actually have a chance of winning the match regardlessness of how hard it is to make people think the champ could lose a match like this.  

Daniels retains after hitting the Eurinage followed by the Best Moonsalt Ever.

This was a Quality match. Most certainly exceeded my expectations.


King Ricochet vs Drew Galloway (Non Title match)

It seems we are graced with yet another Bonus match, this time, Drew vs King Ricochet, so I am not complaining! GAME ON!

Drew started off showing off his Power game, Ricochet tried to match this with jobs but to no avail only for  Ricochet went to his speed game which did work for a bit but Drew went back to throwing him about. Random Garvin Stomps from Drew in between chopping the piss out of poor Ricochet!

Drew had the best of Ricochet for most of this match. For a few minutes Ricochet managed to turn things round hitting some of his fast offense including a sweet step up moon-salt off the ring post.

King Ricochet went for his reverse Rana , Drew countered this with POWER MOVES! Ricochet kept coming back at Drew but could not get the better of him. 

Ricochet managed to muscle Drew up for a massive straight Suplex … Very impressive!

This was a good match. For me, it seemed like a bit of a mismatch but this did not hold the match back much in any way! Galloway got the win a crapton of near falls (including Ricochet kicking out of a Piledriver) then hitting 3 Futureshock DDT’s in a Row to make sure he was caving Ricochets head in. Well worth a watch (not as good as Striker made out, but yes, it was pretty damn good!)

JOE HENDRY COMES CLOSE TO ASSAULTING BLAMPIED BACKSTAGE. It turns out that Joe has jumped Prince Ameen, someone phone an Ambulance!!

Match 5

Second Round Begins!

Will Osprey Vs Rampage (Winner goes to World Cup)

Osprey comes out to this match selling his back, Rampage looks perfectly ok other than some Kinesiology tape (as expected).   I wonder if this will play a role in the match (and a reason for the loss, to push Rampage before his match against Drew).

Will tried to start this match fast but it never worked. Rampage threw Osprey all around the ring.

“Rampage – He chooses to stalk from behind” – Matt striker.

Will Osprey to an absolute F’N beating in this match, never have I seen Osprey beaten and thrown about like this in a match!  When Osprey finally got some momentum he managed to hit a few big moves before hitting a massive cross body to Rampage who was in amongst the crowd.

The men got back into the ring and it as not before long that Rampage took control again after Osprey attempting to chop Rampage, getting thrown about for his troubles (although Osprey hit one sweet Snap German on Rampage for a 2 count).

Osprey the dirty bastard, spat in Rampages face. This was one bad … BAD idea.  The referee took a dive during this match. Priestly attempted to hit Rampage with her title belt but it bearly scratched him.

From this confusion, Will Osprey managed to hit Rampage with an Ozcutter from nowhere for the win and becoming the first man to progressing on to the WCPW World Cup Final tonight. A very good match, another gloriously good clash of styles with the underdog getting the win.

Match 6 

Jimmy Havoc Vs Zach Sabre Jr (Winner goes to World Cup)

Both men come to us by way of the Hammerlock Academy in Kent. At the start of the bout, both men went for quick pins. Havoc was trying his best early on to stop Zack from getting into any of his submission skills.

Once Zack got advantage he took it to Havoc with stiff kicks (to the arms) to Jimmy.

Zach got the win by way of a really cool looking shoulder/arm submission. This match was ok but for me one of the weaker matches of the night.  Zack Sabre Jr advances to the WCPW World Cup Finals.

BLAMPIED says before the match he hopes the Bullet Club kills The Prestige!


The Prestige (Hendry, Gunn, Coffey and Banks) Vs Gabriel Kid and The Bullet Club (Adam Cole and the Young Bucks)

Massive pop for The Bullet Club and their honorary member for the evening Gabriel Kid, TOO SWEEEEET!

Banks and Nick Jackson started the match. Banks kept trying to get some offense in only to get told to suck it. The prestige then started tagging in and out for no reason, playing games before it devolved into the melee that was expected.

We had a 4 way Travelodge spot by the Prestige followed directly by a double stereo Super Kick!

Through the match Kid kept trying to become a Bullet Club members, being left hanging on Too Sweet high fives, and then launched himself into a Terminator 2 (what’s it called?) Dive with the Bucks.

Gabriel kept trying to tag in, at one point there was a brawl on the outside and he looked a little lost while doing the Roman Reigns Arm cock thing, only to get booed a little.

The story of this match was that of Gabriel want to team with the Bullet Club, he wanted to be a fully fledged member but the Club kept leaving him hanging, when he got in eventually the Prestige got the heat on him for a good bit.

Just when it felt like this match was starting to go a bit long (it’s been a long night)the Bucks tagged in and started running wild on Coffey and Gunn.  A few superkicks, then more superkicks … SUPER KICK PARTY!

BIG POP!! GABRIEL KID GETS ACCEPTED BY THE GUN … Which unleashes his inner spot monkey as he went and hit a great moon-salt from the second rope to the outside.

The end came when The bucks got Coffey alone in the ring and setup for the Meltzer driver only for it to be countered, then the counter was countered with many SUPERKICKS!

The match at this point did start to feel like it was going a little long, this is not the fault of the 8 men in the match in any way, it has just been one long evening of wrestling! (coming up to 3 hours now!)

The end came when Nick tagged in Kid, he then accidentally, in all his excitement hit the ref with a massive superkick of his own only for the Prestige to take advantage, hit Kid with a 4-way superkick and get the win over poor Gabriel, who will win one day!

Post match the Bullet Club clear the Prestige out. The Club pick up Gabriel kid and it was here the show went off the air.


Tonight we had one very good event from WCPW. No matches on tonight’s show felt like they went too long other than the main event but as I mentioned this was only because it was coming up to 3 hours worth of wrestling.

For me, the match of the night has to be Marty Skrull vs Zach Sabre Jr. This match was an absolute clinic in the technical/British style of grappling.

This show was free on youtube so go and watch it, and if you want more WCPW check out their website!

(Video review will be out in the next few days!)

Live Stream Here