wcpw pro wrestling world cup scottish qualifier

WCPW Pro Wresting World Cup – Scotland Qualifiers

Live tonight from sunny and erm, nice …Motherwell WCPW give us the Scottish leg of the Their Pro Wrestling world cup!

This is is people, Wrestlemania Weekend (for me) starts HERE! Let’s get to the Graps!

(ok, this is not live. This was recorded a week ago but was made available tonight via the Whatculture Wrestling Youtube channel. (link at the bottom of the page for the youtube stream).

I was a bit late to the stream tonight as i had to go for a lovely MRI scan, but I am here now and just like the English qualifiers i will be posting the match results and reviews as i watch the show. Make sure to refresh the page if you are following along with me!

This is a show i am looking forward to and was annoyed it was not on live. As a scottish person there is nothing i like more than scottish wrestling … well, within reason.

Match 1 – First round World Cup qualifier …

Joe Hendry (The Prestige) Vs Kenny Williams.

The Local wanker vs the Man who traveled back in time. It has been a while since I seen Kenny Williams (i used to work Backstage at Wrestlezone Scotland after my botched Wrestling career), he seems to have aged since the! A good start but in this opening section of the match Williams hit a Topè but the way Joe sold it you would think it was a Duvet that hit him. This was a pretty methodical match with Joe taking control after the initial flurry from Williams. Nothing fancy, Nae Tricks and nothing special with a few flaky bits but in the end Kenny Williams got the surprise victory via rollup! (very much unexpected!) A passable match, just.

Joe is out! This Suprised me!  Hendry went after the ref post match but in the end just rage quit to the back.

Match 2 – First round World Cup qualifier …

Liam Thompson (The Prestige) Vs Joe Coffey

Match 2, one of my favorite Scottish Wrestlers (Well, other than my main man  Scotty Swift 😉 ) against another damn fine Wrestler, Debuting for WCPW on this evening, Liam Thompson.

Coffey goes into this match with the Weight advantage and title experience Advantage. I expect nothing but big moves in this match, hard hitting.

As soon as Thompson gets in the ring the 2 bulls are trying to get at each other! The pair went right into some chain, working holds and twisting joints. Thompson went for a Dive to the outside but Coffey cut him off with a forearm which initiated the Stiff hits I expected this match to devolve into, TIME FOR THE CHOPS! (well, a chop).

Joe Coffey busy out the Travelodge key but the referee took if off him. Joe then locked in his patent single leg crap  but Thompson let it out . Thompson seems to have bust his mouth up at some point in this match, I did not see how that happened. Liam fired back hitting Joe with a Backdrop Driver but did not get the win, he then managed to get a boot to Coffey’s face (well, within 9 inches of his face haha), this put him outside where he ate a Topè.

After a facedown giant spin on Liam another teased victory roll win Joe got the win over a now beaten up Liam. Thompson managed to sneak in a powerbomb on Coffey but this only led to him getting greedy and going for the backcracker, which Coffey managed to counter, Spin him round and folded the poor bugger in half with a mean (MEAN) Boston Crab!

This was a slow match, a bit of repetition from the first but on the whole it was a decent match.  (remember, the matches will always be slow in the first few matches of a Tournament focused event!)

After the match Coffey went on the mic, ripped off Roman Reigns crap ” i am just the guy” promo … “Im the only guy in Scotland, Prestige represent”. Powerful words!

I am going to mention something here. The WCPW wrestlers NEED to start watching the bloody monitors or just speaking to each other when they are going over their matches. We get a heck of a lot of repetition in WCPW matches and it is 100% because of what I just mentioned. Come on guys!


El-Ligero Vs GRADO

It’s yersel! Yaaaaaas! It’s been TOO long since I have seen any Grado style wrestling (it used to be a regular occurrence,  he never gets old!)

We got all the usual Grado fun and banter combined with the brand of fun that Ligero brings to WCPW. Best cartwheel ever by the most athletic man in the Scottish game.  This match was straight up FUN, like the first match nae tricks, just fun, fun, entertainment followed by more fun including Grado running the ropes the slowest I have ever seen!

Maybe the funniest spot of the match as where Ligero was whipped into the turnbuckle and manage to land himself upside down hanging from the top rope!  Grado then went to try the same spot but as expected it was not nearly as successful, but a lot funnier!

Grado went for the 0141 (the 619, but Glasgow version) and got tied up in hilarious fashion.

Grado then turned himself into El- Generico by dawning an El Generico mask, which seemed to imbue him with the powers of Generico but sadly when he went to the top rope he could not handle the height and slowly descended to the bottom rope, only to have whatever he was planning countered!


Nearing the finish Grado managed to hit Ligero with the dusty elbow followed by the roll’n’slice for a 2 count. Grado grasping at straws went and plled a bag from under the ring … It was a bag of Doritos!!!!  BAW GAWD, THE HUMANITY!!!  THOSE CRISPS HAVE A FAMILY!

After a little back and forth around the Doritos Grado went to Superplex Ligero into the chips but he managed to avoid it only to hit Ligero with an RKO ON TO THE BLOODY CHIPS!

Ligero was left battered, bruised and covered In those nasty sharp and jagged crisps! This was an insanely entertaining nothing match. Hopefully Ligero is not permenantly harmed after that Bump into the Nachos.  This match would have worked better as the opener in my opinion.

(Ligero was thankfully ok after the match , the 2 shook hands and went their separate ways.)

Match 3 – First round World Cup qualifier …

BT Gunn (The Prestige) Vs Lewis Girvan

This is a matchup I have never seen. I have seen Lewis wrestle before and was impressed. Against him is the Maniac of WCPW (and everywhere) BT Gunn.  Girvan goes by the title “the best young wrestler in the world”, he is good but that may be a stretch, we will find out is this is true very soon!

The match starts with Girvan showing off his Catch Wrestling skills. I personally know a wrestler (The king of Catch) who has had a few matches with Girvan who is probably at the same level when it comes to “catch Wrestling”, it’s like watching him at times.  After Lewis’s Catch flurry ended Gun took control and started laying in the strikes and all round dirty tactics.

Girvan fires back at Gunn quite quickly into this match hitting the cliche 3 clotheslines and a barrage of forearms onto Gunn. He managed to hit Gunn with the Angel wing, I thought this was the finish but i was wrong, Girvan ate a super kick followed by some roundhouses to the head.

Gunn ended this match with one of the sickest DDT’s i have seen in a long time, think Sister Abigail twisting into a sick DDT… it IS as good as it sounds!

Gunn wins, a short match for WCPW standards but a decent one, again, nothing too special but we are still in the first round!

Match 4- First round World Cup qualifier …

Drew galloway Vs Mark Coffey.

It’s good to see the other Coffey on this show, no, not Kenco … Mark! The good (as in not a bastard) Coffey.  Here we have a match with 2 big dudes who hit hard. When Drew faced Marks brother Joe Coffey a few week we got one of the best big guy matches I had seen in a long time, here’s hoping for the same again this week!

Fun Fact, Drew left his WCPW title backstage as he wanted to pay respect to the Tournament, cool I guess.

The 2 face off like a pair of silverback Gorillas, which is not a stretch. Mark started by running circles around Drew(literally), a tactic of some sort I guess.

This was another methodical match but not in the same way the opener was, as that was more  just slow than “methodical” per se, Loads of big moves , hard hits and a finger stomp.

Both men scrapped for a bit on the outside with Drew having the better over Mark. Drew placed Mark under the ring and monkey flipped him into the steel under the ring, nice!

Back in the ring the match devolved into nothing but big forearms and chops, Drew kept going for the win but to no avail. Choppy Choppy Coffey!

As the match went on it continued in the same veighn, Drew managed to hit Coffey with a Power Bomb and then a Piledriver but only got a 2 count out of it! Coffey fires for his own 2 count.  Mark stayed on Drew after this but ran into a big Dropkick then the Futureshock DDT. 1,2,3 … Drew wins!

This was a nice match, the best on the show so far (not counting the comedy). My money is on Drew going through to the next leg of the World Cup.


Travis Banks (The Prestige) Vs Martin Kirby

It’s time for our second non-tournament match of the night, this time round we have Doug Williams Kiwi lovechild Travis Banks facing off against former GM and the man with the Magnificent Seven title shot, Martin Kirby!

I won’t lie, this for me was bathroom break so I had to rewind the match a bit. Banks jumped Kirby before the bell aiming for a quick win, choking him with his scabby Prestige t-shirt. but Kirby managed to make his way to the outside. Banks managed to counter Kirby’s attempts to take him to the outside which gave him the opening to lay a beating into Kirby.

Banks briefly tried to get in Strikers face, this led to nothing … for now!

Kirby did the same spot where he passes his opponent’s foot to the ref, just like Grado, watch the feeds guys!

After some back and forth, Banks managed to regain the advantage over Kirby but all this was for nothing as when Kirby has one second advantage he missed the Zoidberg elbow, but Banks did not see him land, Kirby sold his back like he had hurt himself which led to Banks going for a Zoidberg elbow of his own, but Kirby moved effortlessly out of the way, hit the Sable bomb and got the win!

This was a very nice little match for what it was, Kirby keeps the momentum leading on from Bulletproof, his chase for the Gold continues!


Local Wanker Joe Hendry made his way out to the ring wearing a cheap sports jacketand tells everyone to shut up. (fans .. too easy .. your meant to ream the bad guys!)

Sadly when this promo started the “Indy Wrestling sound Quality Curse” Hit the show in full effect as even with my sound turned right up I could not make out what Hendry was saying, so I will make something up.

“Mah names Jooooooooeee Hendryyyyyyyy

Am the maaaaaaan who is pretigious

Ammm the maaaaan… SHHHHT, shut up ye bams

Am the Man, The prestige is the most ImporTanT (and so on)”.

Thankfully Gabriele Kid came out with a much better Microphone! The feud between Joe Hendry and Kid seems like its going to continue. Here’s hoping the next match has some sort of Gimmick which involves weapons as their last match was Dire! Kid is wanting revenge over what Hendry did to Prince Ameen a few weeks ago, he is on a roll and he is not going to stop.

This promo to me felt a bit late AND long for where it as on the show.

Joe Hendry shut Kid up after he had heard enough, he proceeded to beat the crap out of Kid with his belt!

A good end to a boring as sin segment … YAPPAPAI MO FO’s! (They have to be building to a Strap Match).  The beatdown ended with Matt Striker jumping into the ring and squaring up to joe. Hendry seemed to brick it and run before Matt called him out as a MARK. It looks like we are going to get Matt Striker Vs Joe Hendry at WCPW “State of Emergency” in Orlando.  It looks like Joe “Shitdick” Hendry is going against Striker!

This is a match I am excited to see!

(Bonus points to Striker for knowing his British Wrestling facts! It’s also easy to forget that he is actually pretty damn good at cutting promos!).

Match 5 – Wrestling World Cup Qualifiers Round 2 : Match 1

Joe Coffey (The Prestige) Vs Kenny Williams

Now we get to the good stuff, the second round, we have had the slower and easier opening round matches and now the wrestlers can now go all out and have some great matches. (Tournament first round matches are always going to be a bit less impactful than the later matches).

Much like his Prestige teammate in the last match, Joe wasted no time jumping Williams from the bell, which for someone Kenny’s size against someone Joes size is never a good place to be.

Williams managed to hit Joe with some nice and fleeting bits of offense, Kenny was looking a lot better in this match than in the first round (i am starting to notice a pattern in these reviews!).

For the bulk of the match, Joe had Kenny’s number other than for a few fleeting moments which included Williams getting Joes Travelodge card and using it on him, him getting his “good guy” fire back sequence for a 2 count.

Kenny eventually went for a double foot stomp, joe countered this with a Boston Crab which Kenny managed to fight out of only to then be hit with a Powerbomb and locked into Joes Standing Boston Crab.

A decent match. For Kenny, this match was far better than his first tonight.

After the winner was announced Joe went back to beating on Williams before leaving to prepare for the Finals, Striker was again getting hot at a Prestige member.

Match 5 – Wrestling World Cup Qualifiers Round 2 : Match 2

Drew Galloway Vs BT Gunn (The Prestige)

Within a minute of this match starting, I was getting what I has wanted all night… CHOPS, shitloads of CHOPS! Gun had the advantage early on in this match , keeping Drew down and laying strikes into him but Drew did not look like he was down in any way.

Gun slapped the taste out Drews face , Gunns chops to the chest look sore enough!

Both men fought inside and outside the ring, slapping the crap out of each other with chop after chop, then more chops, and more! Gunn tried to run away at one point but Galloway was like “naah pal, haud a chop ya bass”.

Drew his Gunn with a savage snap suplex on the stage area before carrying him back to the ring, on route back Gunn managed to fight out of Drews grasp and throw him into the post.

This led to more chops, this time with both men on the top rope which led to our first SUPERPLEX of the evening! (last show we had about 8 on the show, this is a refreshing break from Superplexes!)

MORE CHOPS (I am very happy at this point) then MORE KICKS, Nice!

Drew his BT with a reverse Alabama slam, from the outside, I have never seen that before! (i love seeing new things!)

Near the end BT went for his Sister Abigail into the DDT move but this time round his opponent had his number which led to Drew reversing the move into his Piledriver / futureshock DDT combination for the win!

This match was great! I cant say much more. If you like chops and piledrivers this is the match for you!


Will Osprey (W. Bea Priestly) Vs Marty Skrull Vs Matt Riddle.

Marty Skrull, Matt Riddle AND Will Osprey, the first time this match has ever happened and man am i excited for this one! Skrull and Riddle are 2 of my favorite WCPW / indy wrestlers at the moment. Osprey is ok as well I guess.

Before the match Osprey came out with Priestly and acted his usual dick headed self (he is damn good at it, it almost comes naturally). The dirty rotten bastard tried to get an “England” sing song going, in the wrong place ( never a right time).

It is ironic that he “Lives by the sword and dies by the sword”, it describes his style of wrestling to a T.

The King of Bro’s Made way out followed by the Villain, who has the best entrance in WCPW in my opinion. Skrull has presence and by hell is he talented!

This match was all over the shop with every man in the match looking great! Marty was the villain we all know and love, Matt was the undisputed King of Bro’s and Osprey played the English wanker Gloriously!  Every man got all their signature moves and spots in, the best being Riddle when he fires back, no selling everything that he is attacked with!

There was a very cool and clever Triple down (not double!) with all three men hitting each other with simultaneous head kicks, this led into an awesome three way strike off and in turn riddle getting double superkicked out of the ring.

Marty get the finger break on Osprey, then the Toebreaker on Riddle!! (I love that move, i would love to say i seen Skrull do it first!).  Osprey hit Cheeky Nandos on Skrull and then the jumping spinning head kick for a 2 count on Riddle.  Riddle hit back with the jumping Tombstone on Osprey but Bea managed to distract the referee.  This all led to a smoz on the outside which flipped to Osprey accidently hitting his Girl with a Tope through the middle rope!

In the distraction , Riddle managed to hit osprey with the Bro to sleepm skrull jumped the pair from behind and threw Osprey into the ring and locked on the Chicken wing for the submission victory over Osprey!

Marty Skrull won what what was a great three way match, deffinitelly a three way match I would suggest that people go and watch, as its easy to find, free but more importantly one really good three way match!

WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup – Scotland Qualifiers was a decent show. Much like the last Tournament event, we did not have an event full of 4-star matches but what we did get was another good watch from whatculture Wrestling!

I would say go to youtube and watch this event but you don’t have to, as you can watch the show just below this review!  (remember, Subscribe to Whatculture Wrestling on Youtube for free events and if you want to take it a step further then check out whatculture Extra at www.whatculture.com/extra

We are at the start of the first nights fun of the 2017 Wrestlemania weekend!

Have a good one everybody!


So here we have Drew “I love chops” Galloway facing the absolute king of the stiff as f**k chop BT Gunn… you know what this means… Its supper time, CHOPS ALL ROUND!

If you want to watch the event, you can find it … RIGHT HERE, at WORLD OF TRASH (via the official Whatculture Wrestling Channel!