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Recently, aside from studying older women in media or the political nuances of Woody Allens older works, I’ve had a side-project!

For the last few months, I have been working with a media start-up called Voice Britannia with the building of their website and larger web-presence. Voice Britannia’s aim is clear, they want to provide a platform for the UK’s biggest opinions which is free of editorially-driven political bias.

voice britannia Logo - Launching soon - https://voicebritannia.co.uk/

Voice Britannia – Launching soon – https://voicebritannia.co.uk/

The Voice Britannia ethos seems to be that everyone is entitled to an opinion whether they be on the Left, Right, Center or any other political alignment. I was interested in the branding and was told that it aims to represent everyone in the island of Britannia which the UK exits. (I would prefer more Scottish flags. I will push for this in the future hehe).

Alongside the opinions, Voice Britannia is also planning to run its own daily news desk, which again aims free of political bias although at times like this (and all the time) the media and journalists must hold power to account while providing a news service that can be trusted by as many as possible.

The site is now built, and frustratingly running better than my own site. It is in a position where it pretty much needs some content, for testing and a few other elements which I need to set up once traffic has started to come in, so while Voice Britannia’a current plan is to fully (soft) launch in late Summer 2020, in terms of posting daily / weekly opinions, they will be launching their news desk as a way to get content on the site.

I am looking forward to this site being finished and being able to make the jump from online babbler, to a writer of larger opinion pieces. Nothing will be changing on good old World of Trash, although I will move anything more serious into my more serious articles while keeping this site for any concepts I want to write about, no matter how convoluted out of the ordinary it may sound.

Please, bookmark the Voice Britannia website, and follow their social media accounts …

Website- https://voicebritannia.co.uk 


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/VoiceBritannia

Heres to a free media!



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