VB News : Has Boris Johnson’s response to COVID19 turned the UK into Superman or a super fail?

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Channel 4’s Dispatches has exposed the reality of how Boris Johnson acted in the lead up to the UK’s Lockdown, and how many lives could have been saved if the UK was locked down faster.

Exercise Cygnus

Dispatches spoke to former Conservative minister, Doctor Phillip Green who took part in the Governments ‘Exercise Cygnus’, a ‘wargame’ exercise which simulated a large-scale Influenza pandemic entering the UK. The 2016 wargame showed if a serious Influenza pandemic hit the UK there would be a lack of protective equipment and ventilators. The government was advised to prepare for a pandemic hitting the UK by building a stockpile of ‘quality PPE’ and ventilators. While the UK did order PPE and ventilators, this did happen until the pandemic spread to the UK.


In February, Boris Johnson and Carrie Simmons were living at Dominic Raab’s property in Kent, claiming to be on a ‘working holiday’ and not trying to avoid the Virus. While at Grayson, aids were told to cut down documents which the Prime Minister was to read or he wouldn’t read them. Boris was said to be ‘out of his depth’ and ‘overworked’.

Dominic Raabs country house where Boris and Carrie stayed at start of pandemic

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