US School “Paddles” 5 year old boy, in 2016

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Thats a paddling - georgia school head mistress paddles 5 year old boy
Thats a paddling – georgia school head mistress paddles 5 year old boy

Doubt the legitimacy of this story?

Thats a Paddlin!

Its 2016 and believe it or not Corporal punishment is alive and well within the Georgia State education system!

Mother Shana Marie Perez posted video footage this week showing the trauma her FIVE year old son was subject to when he was to be Paddled by Schools Head teacher for nothing more than missing school.

Thats a paddlin
Thats a paddlin

The story goes on to mention that the boy had reportedly missed school without permission, Miss Perez contests that the child has only missed School for medical reasons. During the incident Miss Perez was told by the schools head master that is she tried to intervene or not bring her child to school to be paddled she would in turn be arrested, the Local police later stated that this would not have been the case and Miss Perez would not have been arrested for this.


In a statement released by the School they hid behind as many legalities so they did not have to release any information on the issue although they did go on to mention the School and states rules on Corporal punishment.  According to the state every parent has to give permission before this sort of punishment can be given, Miss Perez has denied giving this permission.

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