UK Government sharing ‘false statistics’ of ‘people tested’ for Coronavirus

The UK's department of Health cant count
The UK's department of Health cant count
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I have written a lot about the Department of Health’s testing stats!


In this blog, I am going to talk about the statistical anomalies which currently litter the UK Department of Health’s Coronavirus daily reports. In the last month, I have written extensively about these inconsistencies, and today will be no different!

Rather than going back over the whole story of how the UK Government are cooking the COVID19 reporting books, which has led to incorrect stats being misreported almost daily, I will share this article with you! (please read).

On the 25th of April, we were told (by the Department of Health, the daily running totals for positive coronavirus cases, hospital deaths, and testing.

Uk department of health daily stats 25th April

Trouble in Governments Math-Town

As always, the first statistic I look for is the important “people tested” statistic, as this physically represents how many people are actually being tested by Government, as opposed to the non-descript (and unexplained) “tests” total.

From the outset, the number of “people tested” looked great, as for the first time we have hit over 20k (23115) people tested in a day! Of course, there is no such thing as good news in Tory Britain though, and on reading the running total, my heart sank.

As of the 25th of April 2020, the Department of Health has tested 517,836 people for Coronavirus. Hu??? Something was not right!

Let’s look at stats for the day before…

Uk department of health daily stats 24th April


Can someone buy the Department of Health a calculator?

As we can see on the Department of Healths own report (via Twitter and the UK Government website), on the 24th April the Department of Health reported that they had tested 18401 people with a running total of 444222 “people tested”.

total amount of people tested 21st - 26th April

The total amount of people tested between 21st – 26th April as reported by UK Government.

Needless to say, 517836 – 444222 does not come close to 23115!

Lets do Math - something the Department of Health clearly cant - 1

Let’s do Math – something the Department of Health clearly can’t. 

For the removal of all doubt, 517836 – 444222 = 73614.

The reported “people tested” number of 23115, was actually 50499 LOWER than it should!


Is something a mistake if it keeps happening?

So what is happening here, was this a simple mistake by the Department of Health or was this something more nefarious?

If this were the first time that we have been able to observe such a glaring issue with the Government released Coronavirus statistics, then I would give them the benefit of the doubt, but it’s not the first time.

Since the 6th of April, the Department of Health seems to have artificially amplified the vague “tests” statistic, before cross-reporting it with the daily “people tested” statistic, a tactic which has successfully been used to mislead politicians and the media over the last few weeks.

HOW UK’s Department of Health are misleading on amount of people tested for Coronavirus

We are in the middle of a Global Pandemic not the FA cup final!

The direct (and unexplained) amplification of the “people tested” statistic is something we should not and cannot ignore. Since the 6th April, Governments Department of Health can be demonstrated to be acting in a very dishonest way.

From what it looks like, and considering the action of the Department of Health in the last few weeks, it looks like they have added 50k to the ‘people tested’ total. This will be being as part of Matt Hancock’s mission to appear to do 100k Coronavirus tests in a day.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, this IS the biggest problem and tragedy this country has faced since WW2. Over 20000 people have now been reported to have died in Hospitals from Coronavirus, yet Government feels they can act in an opaque and dishonest way, without a drop of responsibility or recourse.

Midweek, Chris Giles of the FT reported that the accurate total amount of COVID-19 deaths in the UK is in fact over 40k, but due to the way Government have chosen to report deaths we only see half the truth. Read FT’s investigation here

Much like the dishonest reporting of deaths, we are being fed a misleading view on the Governments Coronavirus testing, which in turn means we are only receiving half the truth on how many people actually have Coronavirus in the UK! 

The Excuse!

The Department has attempted to explain the 50k extra tests, by saying they were due to a change in the “reporting system” which somehow (put logic aside for a second) only counted the positive results and somehow ignored how many tests had been used? This falls into the “oops, sorry, my mistake” modern Tory excuse, just say sorry and hope noone cares. 

Without any actual evidence from the Department of Health, there was no change to a new reporting system, period!

There are people I very much respect (and still very much do) who think I am pissing in the wind on this topic and wasting my health on this topic, as its most likely it will be lost in the ether of political coverage.

(I am forever grateful for their advice and guidance, no matter if I agree or not. There are always people who know better than you do!).

While it may be true and I will have no impact, I will never stop looking at these stats and pointing out the glaring holes as if I dont do it then clearly noone will, and I would rather at least try and show people how our Government is misleading us than sit on my hands.

Please help this blog reach as many eyes as it can! If you have a blog, please share the link. If you have Facebook or twitter please share the link! Make sure to tag every journalist you know, and hopefully someone with a bit more sway will pick this issue up and hold Government to account on its continued lies!

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For the first time, I am sharing a copy of my Coronavirus worksheet publically for all to see and use.


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