#Yellowhammer, can we trust it? Might BlackSwan be closer to reality?

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Last night, Government released #Yellowhammer, but how can we trust that the Government has released the REAL and up-to-date Yellowhammer Document?

There are elements of the released #Yellowhammer document that make me thing Government are lying to us, AGAIN! This video was uploaded just before people started speaking more openly about ‘Black Swan’. Black Swan is ‘apparently’ the governments very worst case, end of modern times, no-deal Brexit forecast. Word of this document was floating around social media a month or 2 ago but other than people saying ‘black swan is really bad’ noone (other than those in the know) could verify this claim. It will be interesting to see how this story develops, with the inclusion of Black Swan.

My view is that the Yellowhammer documents released on Sept 11th were in fact as Gove has stated, out of date and created by Theresa May’s Government, and Government has literally released a document called Yellowhammer, while not releasing any of the more up to date planning which Micheal Gove hinted to. If or When any Blackswan documents or information becomes avaliable I will do my best to cover it on my channel. (and social media).

We are rolling into some very dark times, as Government has stopped caring about the people and are now working towards their own agenda, with near impunity. We can only hope the courts put a stop to this, as Black Swan is more likely to be closer to the reality of a no-deal Brexit than Yellowhammer ever was.

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