UK #Covid19 Lockdown may last “Months” – Full details here

Dominic Raab - UK Lockdown may last another three months!
Dominic Raab - UK Lockdown may last another three months!
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Today, at the Downing Street briefing, Government announce ‘3-week’ extension to the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown…

At today’s (16th April) UK Government Coronavirus briefing, forign secretary and current acting Prime Minister, Dominic Raab announced that the current UK Lockdown will be kept in place for another 3 weeks. When Laura Kuenssberg pressed Raab on the issue,  he indicated that the lockdown could last 3 months!

This announcement was made following on from todays COBRA (COBR) meeting with the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh first ministers.

Dominic Raab - UK Lockdown may last another three months!

Dominic Raab – UK Lockdown may last another three months!

At this press conference, it was mentioned that the UK has reached, or is almost at its “peak” in total positive Coronavirus cases, and is very close (within weeks) to the peak of deaths.

Following the briefing, BBC‘s Laura Kunerberg was first to question Raab. Laura K asked for some clarity on when the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown would end, as other nations are being transparent with citizens with what is happening in the fight against COVID-19 and generally know when their lockdown restrictions will be relaxed. Dominic Raab replied by telling Kunesberg that “Government is being as transparent as it can responsibly be”, a statement which leads to the question of why can’t the UK Government feel they cannot trust people with their plan to deal with Coronavirus, I mean we are not at war, we don’t need to worry about people stealing our plans. (what exactly have they got to hide?)


An accidental admission?

Kuenssberg pressed Raab on when the lockdown may end, asking if it would be three weeks or three months till the lockdown is lifted. Raab replied “The prime minister said at the outset that it would take 3 months to come through the peak, and that is still broadly the outline“. With this, Raab is saying said that once we are into ‘the peak’ it will take three months to come through it. So far, we have been in a state of lockdown for than 4weeks leading up to the UK’s peak in COVID-19 and the Government’s plan is that it will take 3 months for the country to come through the peak. Whether he meant to be so honest or not, his statement tells us that the 3-week extension is nonsense, and we are looking at closer to 3 MONTHS in Lockdown.

Testing and PPE to end the Lockdown.

The sad thing is that other nations have plans in place, and have ended lockdown successfully, The UK’s inability to see the simple solution, of adopting citizen PPE and rolling out a proper system of national testing and contact tracing would be tragic if it was not for the fact that the UK Government have been following a plan of ‘slow burn herd immunity’ putting us and all out families at risk of catching #Covid19

Three months is a long time, although, if we were to go by the brain-fartage of Nadine Dorris, we will have to remain locked up for twelve more months!

The biggest irony of all is that while we all hate that we are being kept in a state of house arrest, without the current UK lockdown we would be looking at 10’s of thousands of COVID-19 cases per day, and massive amounts of death. Without proper testing, tracing and PPE for all, if the lockdown ends we will be back to square one, maybe worse!

the uk government are reporting potentially misleading testing stats to the public

UK Government – useless

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Boris Johnson – Tory jesus


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