TNA Impact fan site owner Chris Regal Faked his Cancer Death – CONFIRMED

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This is a story I have been following for a while …


It turns out TNA fansite ( owner Chris Regal, who “died” of Cancer (that he had never disclosed) had actually never died and had faked it all, blaming this all on depression (and a borderline Kevin spacey excuse).

This story very much triggers me as I not only know people who have both tried to and managed to commit suicide due to Mental Illness but I have my own mental illnesses which I have dealt with over the years, so this REALLY pisses me off.  I have be following,g , even gaining my own proof his non dead status around October 2017 . (I tried to take over his domain, but a person who was dead managed to renew manually haha).

If you are suffering from any suicidal thoughts PLEASE do not sit on them or act on them, Life is awesome, Death will be boring as shit and you will only hurt those around you, so if you or anyone you know  are in this sort of mindset please go to your local suicide advice charity!

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*I made an error. “george” on TNA was Chris Regals admin account but when Chris faked his death he changed the name to George and his “brother”, who never used the forum or even watched TNA now became the admin using the George psudoname… This was Chris Regal the whole time!

Below are his “apologies” … his return came out of the blue as if nothing had happened. His fake brother he invented just turned back into Chris.

TNA Impact fan site owner Chris Regal Faked his Cancer Death - CONFIRMED - Chris Regals long winded bullshit appology - abzpodcast (he has made this not publically viewable, screw you chris)

I am just glad this whole situation is over. The reason I have made this is like I said, this triggers me. People who not only fake cancer but fake their death, affecting possibly thousands of people (due to its very emotive and sad nature). It is in the public interest that this story remains so he cannot do this to people again. Messing with peoples emotions on this level for some attention is just not acceptable.

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