Chlorine chicken and more Boris based lies! We are the Cormorants!

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This week I learned about something and while it’s not the most angering thing I saw this week*, it came a close second (or third)!

(Donald J Trump saying “George Floyd will be having a great time” after being murdered by a Minnesota, cop pissed me off more than anything!)

Like the massive spoiler in the headline has already told you, Chlorinated Chicken is coming to the UK! I learned this after VB-news reported the story on their website. Are any of us surprised that Boris Johnson has instructed his government to make a decision that rolls back on an election promice? Really? No … I didn’t think so.

To say “this pissed people off” would be an understatement!

I am not suprised by this as Boris Johnson and ‘Truth’ are 2 things which simply do not mix. Metaphorically, Boris Johnson should be seen as a nasty upper-class oil slick, and the truth is a helpless cormorant who is away to be drowned by the impending fatberg of dishonesty bowling towards it.

Cormorants have been killed by Oil slicks and people have been Killed by Boris Johnsons lies

If you think the Chlorinated chicken lie is the worst thing to happen today, then I suggest you take a seat! It was also reported this week that Boris Johnson has been ignoring agreements he made with the EU’s negotiators on how the divorce settlement would be agreed. Micheal Barnier told the press that about the void which is developing between the UK on the settlement talks.

The most important part of the statement from Barnier was that if the 2 sides do not come to an agreement by the 31st of October, the UK will leave with no deal! The EU has said (numerous times) that the UK can have (another) Brexit extension, but Boris Johnson refuses this every time.

At the moment, it’s looking (as predicted) that Boris Johnson WILL pull the UK from the EU without a deal on the 30th December, which will cause absolute chaos within the UK, with the potential of MORE empty shelves but unlike COVID-19, it will not get better after a few weeks, this will be our ‘new normal’.

It would not surprise me at all if Boris Johnson was to resign his post on the 31st of December then run as far from England as he can. No-deal Brexit has ALWAYS been Johnson objective, as one of his biggest financial backers, Crispin Odey is speculated to be making lot of money when the UK drops out of the EU with no deal.

Odey, he wants money, lots of it, and is REALLY good at making it!
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