The truth about the #FBPE Movement PART 2

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In part 2 of this Min-i-nvestigation* , I ask…

  1. What is the goal of the #FBPE movement?
  2. Did the movement have any Subversive agenda other than Brexit?
  3. Should you follow groups like #FBPE?

(Cool new word eh! Mini – investigation?! … It’ll catch on)

Within this part of the Podcast is all remaining information about the #FBPE movement which I learned directly from the people who created and ran it. This is also a cautionary tale about Propaganda and Subversion. Just who can you trust when it comes to online Brexit debate?

I hope something can be learned by anyone who is a campaigner or activist for any political party or topic.

The original (verified) Infographic posted by FBPE starters

(Original Infographic that started the FBPE Twitterstorm/movement)

Following on and completing my mini Investigation into the #FBPE twitter movement.

you may be asking yourself “Stevie, Why are covering this topic”?

Well, a month or so ago I saw an Anti-Brexit twitter storm develop and I was instantly drawn in by this new forms of activism.

After a few weeks of taking part in the Twitter Storm / Movement, I noticed that there seemed to be people with ulterior motives jumping on.

The targeted disruption to this Twitter movement at first came by way of people trying to reframe discussions, turning them from discussions about how to end of protest Brexit into petty arguments that pitched the left against the right or even against itself.  The common theme of this attempt to derail every discussion into arguments was the use of the theory that Jeremy Corbyn was the Catalyst for Brexit. 

So with my Bullshit meter detecting such enormous volumes of poop and attempts to sabotage the movement, I felt that they must be doing something right!

This combination of a potential propaganda war and group of people who may be standing up and rebelling against the state(s) was irresistible. And so I decided to go on a SMALL journey into the #FBPE Movement to find out WHO they are and also to try and identify who might be trying to make their lives difficult … or at least why!

If you have not listened to part 1 of this Min-i-nvestigation (told ya!) then you are missing out on some important information as in Part 1, I asked “What IS #FBPE?”, “When did the #FBPE movement begin?” and “Who created/manages the Movement?”.

You can find part 1 here! Just click anywhere on this small bit of text … or HERE if you are old-fashioned.

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I am a Working class Man with a working-class voice who is trying to make sense of things way above my station and communicate it to others in normal words!

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