The truth about the FBPE Movement PART 1 – Hosted by Stevie – WOT Podcast

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The truth about the #FBPE Movement PART 1 (World of Trash Podcast)

Hosted by Stevie Smith


This is part one of what my investigation into the #FBPE movement.

In November this year, a twitter storm / movement was launched by a small group using the name ” #FBPE ” who’s aim is to promote a united Europe by fighting Brexit.

When I started following this movement I quickly noticed that many other parties have been hijacking the movement to meet their own political goals. This made me aware that there may be more to this seemingly harmless hashtag and I HAD to find the answers.

This show will be 2/3 parts long and it documents my investigations into the FBPE movement to find out who they really are, where they come from and what their end goal is!

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