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This week, its something new … a new concept.

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If this goes well, every month I will be doing a show liket this where we go into the UK Govermments Freedom of Information request database and see what facts they are being forced to release!

Governments LOVE to keep things secret and will try their hardest to make this reality, but thankfully, there was a limit put on what can and cannot be kept secret which led to the “Freedom of  Information Act”.

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Hundreds, if not Thoudands of FOI Requests are made to Government and Local councils every week. Most Information requests are for things which may only interest one person, but sometimes they include a fact that EVERYONE should know.

So this week, We look at the FACTS the Ministry of Defence have been FORCED to release, which includes … 

  • Do the Government sell old weapons? Do the Government sell old weapons top other countries?  (BS answer incoming!)
  • How many Ministry of Defence Police vehicles have been damaged by misfueling accidents? 
  • How many Soldiers have failed Drug tests within 4 months of 2017?
  • What crimes have been committed by Ministry of Defence Civil Service Staff?

And loads more.

This show could have gone either way but thankfully, the MOD has released some interesting (and contraversial) information this month!

There are also released onto my youtube channel, if you see this there please subscribe. In all honesty though f**k youtube, im done with those clowns!

Check out this episode!

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