The Hypocrisy of Mike Gapes MP Exposed!

Mike Gapes : corbyn is prepared to hezbollah but not corbyn
Mike Gapes : corbyn is prepared to hezbollah but not corbyn
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Whenever I hear the word “Gapes”, the last thing I think of is a Labour MP, but conveniently part of that nasty mental image does relate to the way he acts.

Mike Gapes is the British MP who represents the constituency of Ilford south for the Labour and Co-operative Party who has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to representing the views of his constituents and the Labour party. More recently, Mike seems to have found his niche within the Labour Party, as the in-house Tory mouthpiece.

Whether its allegations of Working with terrorists or crying Anti-Semitism against the party leadership, Mike has done his best to drive a toxic wedge into the Labour party membership by doing his best to create divisions and sew discord within party his own.

Today (17th Jan 2019), at one of the many recent points where the Conservative party are at their weakest, Mike Gapes decided to launch one of his most extraordinary attacks yet against Corbyn (because, you know, We need rid of Theresa May, so let’s attack Corbyn!).

Mike Gapes : corbyn is prepared to hezbollah but not corbyn

Mike Gapes: Corbyn is prepared to Hezbollah but not Corbyn…

Today, Mike made the mistake of thinking it would be a great idea to use some Tory Propaganda and make allegations that Jeremy Corbyn was prepared to work with political groups or people in the middle east, because, they are from the middle east, so they MUST be evil, right?

Mikes attack against Corbyn, from the outset comes across as nothing but a bitter MP with a grudge, using his platform to attack those he does not like, but the truth seems a bit more sinister as it was not long until Tory MP’s were also using Mike’s Smears, against Corbyn.

Tobias ellwood MP - Corbyn wont speak to PM but will speak to HEzbollah

It is at this point that you may be asking yourself “Stevie, you said he was a hypocrite, what gives”, so rather than keeping you all waiting, let’s get right to the meat and two vegetables of this article… Why IS Mike Gapes a Hypocrite?!

At the point today when Mike Gapes latest crazy tweet triggered me enough to want to write about it, I was working on another project which involved looking through the (very exciting) Parliamentary Register of Interests for what I will call “interesting business trips”, so I thought “Lets have a look at what Gapes been up to”.

To say checking Mikes interests was a good idea would be a gross understatement, as within his interests I found something that, in light of his tweets today, makes him look like a MASSIVE hypocrite!

Mike Gapes has been on an all expences paid trip to Saudi Arabia , paid by the MURDEROUS Saudi State!

Mike Gapes has been on an all expenses paid trip to Saudi Arabia, paid by the MURDEROUS Saudi State!


Between the 9th and 13th of April last year, Mike Gapes, A BACK BENCH MP with no real responsibility other than his constituents, accepted nearly £10k in Donations from the ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’, to go on an all-expenses-paid holiday to the Saudi cities of Riyadh and Najran.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its rulers, the House of Saud are globally renowned for their uber Right-wing society, their use of fear and capital punishment and their vile treatment of women, not to mention the current atrocities committed under their name, in Yemen, where 10’s of thousands of people have died by Saudi Bombings.

It is worth noting that Mike Gapes went to Visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just days before they killed 20 people by bombing a wedding, few months before the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia killed 29 Children by bombing their School Bus and the Abduction and Murder of American/Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

This is the Hypocrisy of Mike Gapes. While politicians like Corbyn are advocating for nothing but peace, Mike would rather tell the world it is the good guys who are evil, before going for a meal with a Serial Killer.

Gapes by name … GAPES by nature!

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