The Geekdom101 Saga : Replying to his fans who message me

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I thought for this, it was best to reply in text, as this is the same way I have been contacted.

Since Geekdom101 (Big Dee? … I don’t know his name) started attacking me a few weeks, he has seemingly told more, or the same lies about me which has led to some of his fans harrassing me on Youtube via comments, which has led to me removing over 100 videos I had created down as I cannot handle the amount of negativity directed at me.

So, here are a few bullet points.

“For what yu TRIED to to to Geekdoms life”

The above message was simply the most recent of these I have received on my Youtube.  I would love to address what “I tried to do” to Geekdoms life but sadly I have no clue what the hell he, or geekdom, is talking about, as this is a complete lie.

I do not know geekdom, I do not speak to him, I don’t know his name and other than the first time we spoke when he never knew me or the time he completely copied and stole one of my Dragon Ball Super video ideas (and even in the latter, he ignored me until I had to post publically to twitter and his response was to go to my personal facebook account and vent directly at me, publically, like a complete bully.).

I actively go out of my way to not be near him or think about him, he is literally a non-thought in my life and I was happy being oblivious to his existence until a few weeks when he again ( I thought I blocked him) came to my personal facebook page shouting at me.

Now, what I think he is doing is trying to imply that I am a vile person for calling him a Neckbeard, in a situation he is spinning to death. GEEKDOM is the one who went to Bray Wyatt’s page and tried to fat shame him. It was BRAY WYATT that called him a neckbeard (as geekdom called him a neckbeard), all I did was post it to Twitter and tell my previous story of his harassment.  He is the one that was harassing me on facebook before making a slanderous video about me, playing the victim trying to say I have tried to ruin him or something (I have no idea what, that is a guess) when the fact is he HAS totally ruined my youtube activities, as well as stealing my name.

The “World of Geekdom” channel name : Geekdom101, for some reason since he started his attack a few weeks ago, has been using the name “World of Geekdom” as his channel name. Now, for obvious reasons this is annoying as all hell but in the long term, it will always be known that he blatantly stole the name from me, and then launched an attack at me so I could not fight back at him… the more I type here. the more things seem to be falling into place.

The Law

Targeted Harassment is Illegal and the law is being consulted as we speak.

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