The Anti-Brexit Movements are under ATTACK

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The Anti-Brexit Movements are under ATTACK!

(Thumbnail Image is taken from the cover of Noam Chomsky’s book “Media Control”… Read IT!)

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I am a (now) ardent Remainder and passioned campaigner and I guess Activist for the Anti-Brexit movements on social media.

One common theme in all groups is the influx of Trolls. Whenever a group or movement gets big enough they are attacked by people with interests from the right of politics.

I have recorded this podcast to hopefully help people be able to easily identify the shills, trolls, unknowing (sub-conscious) sockpuppets and the thousands of fake accounts.

This has been recorded for ALL Remain / Anti Brexit groups! I am not a member of any single group and follow them all. I continually find myself trying to steer debates from irrational vote changing back rhetoric onto the Anti-Brexit campaigning.

Twitter as a platform relies on Influencers, Influencers are pushed to the top of everyones feeds and many people take their words as gospel truth.  There are people at all levels, right up to politicians who are happy to use this technique to wrongly subvert people into their way of political thinking

Anyway, I have been waffling here, Listen to the show for all info!

(Important elements to look into if you want some further reading would be to look into “media control”, “perception management” and “subversion”). 


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