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Dragon Ball Super EP 96 – Shonen Jump Magazine Preview – (Mild DBS Spoilers)

It is that time of the week again.  This time,  coming from my favorite source (as he is 100% trustable) @herms98 is the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine teaser for Dragon Ball Super episode 96.

Of course, before you scroll down, this article contains mild spoilers. The scan from Shonen Jump will be posted first (as it’s in Japanese and most of us cannot read it).

dragon ball super 96 the time has come to the world of the void the tournament of power is about to begin teaser shonen jump
dragon ball super 96 the time has come to the world of the void the tournament of power is about to begin teaser shonen jump

Image wise, the teaser for DBS 96 does not show anything new. On the other hand, what is written about DBS 96 does (to a small degree).

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Dragon Ball Super episode 96

Airdate –  25th June (I Watch on Daisuki … Crunchyroll is also a thing. Don’t watch on a crappy stream, just wait the 30 mins and watch in perfect quality.)

Title – “The Time Has Come! To the World of Void, Where the Universes Fates will be Decided!”

(Could that title be any f’n longer … really Toei?!)

Teaser – It is almost time for the Tournament of Power! Goku and co. head for the World of Void!!

The Tournament of Power is finally about to begin. Goku and co. head to the World of the Void, site of the battle stage!Before the battle against the toughest warriors from other Universes

Before the battle against the toughest warriors from other Universes, Beerus announces his strategy! What in the world could this strategy be?!

This week with the Omni-Kings … as this seems to be a regular article now, They are relaxing before the opening of the Tournament of Power!

The Omni-Kings (Zeno) are spending the remaining time taking it easy. As they relax, the Gods from the Universes with the top four Highest (mortal) levels* assemble before them.

*The top four universes are exempt from entering the Tournament as they are the best (they believe).

(more below. Source image from @Herms98 on Twitter. Follow him. Selfless people are the best people.)


(more below. Source image from @Herms98 on Twitter )74

dragon ball super 96 the time has come to the world of the void the tournament of power is about to begin teaser part omni king 2
dragon ball super 96 the time has come to the world of the void the tournament of power is about to begin teaser part omni king 2

Stevie’s view: It looks like episode 96 will be a pretty relaxed affair with all Universes preparing themselves. I expect the narrative(s) to be a lot of journeys to the void and discussions between the teams …and their loved ones.

I expect this to be deliberately chilled as it would seem that Dragon Ball Super 95 is going to be Kaos with Freeza and Goku kicking these “Assassins” collective arses (although, as someone on Reddit pointed out. In the teaser it is NOT Freeza of Goku who is killing an Assassin with their Finger! Go watch it, its compelling stuff to dicect!).

At this moment, I am hyped for DBS 95 and seeing what Freeza is capable of and whether he will actually play ball with the Universe 7 team.

Not one but TWO New Female Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super! (Girl Brolly Revealed!)

Hot off the Dragon Ball Super Presses this morning (By way of our man Shasidhar Sunny of the @allanimeuniverse FB Group) is one MASSIVE Revelation!

It seems we are not getting just one new girl Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super, there is going to be TWO NEW GIRL SAIYANS!

We do not just have Caulifla … we also have Kale , and it is Kale who is the potential “Girl Brolly” !

girl saiyan girl saiyan armor girl saiyan broly girl saiyan costume girl saiyan creator girl saiyan db super girl saiyan dbz girl saiyan dragon ball super girl saiyan fanfiction girl saiyan names girl saiyan xenoverse

Caulifla : Let’s start by talking about Cauli, which is what I am going to call her, nothing to do with my middle name being Collie of course!

I AM WRONG!  I thought it was a dead cert that Caulifla was the new “Girl Brolly” that we saw in the current opening title for Dragon Ball Super and the more I look at the image above the more I realize how much of an ass I have been! From the comparison it’s blatant that Caulifla is NOT this Girl Brolly!  From what we have seen Cauli does not seem to be a good person Perse,  I say this as when we were introduced to her it just did not seem like she was very nice. She was hanging in a worn out building being guarded by her punk gang, so im going with her not being a “Goog Guy”.

“She is the younger sister of Renso who is the former captain of a Saiyan elite unit, the Sadala defense force, her brother Renso also trained Cabba.  Renso said about Caulifla “my sister may look like a simple punk but her potential power is far beyond my own”. 

Kala : So THIS is the “Girl Brolly” that we have seen in the titles and promotional material for the Universe Survival Saga / Tournament of Power and now that I see a comparison between the 2 girl Saiyans its pretty damn obvious (again, I was wrong ). Kale seems alot more reserved and it is not clear who exactly she is as we have not seen her on screen yet. By the looks of things she does not look like a fighter but as we have seen of the Universe 6 Saiyans in the past, they do not look as big and scary as the Universe7 Saiyans so her looks may be massively deceiving.  In fact, her looks ARE very much decieving as we know (by way of the title animation) that this Character IS THE GIRL BROLLY!

“She always gets chewed out by Cabba for being too nervous. After Cabba tells her to unleash her anger in order to become a Super Saiyan her pent up stress transforms her into a Berserker like state! (LIKE BROLLY!!! Legendary Super Saiyan!) She has incredible power once she cuts lose.”

We will be introduced to these characters in the next few weeks!  As i mentioned before I had a real “face palm” moment when i seen the image of the Two new Girl Saiyans and realied that the “Girl Brolly” was not the obvious punky girl with an attitude but rather it is the quiet and underwhelming girl who is the one that will turn “Legendary Super Saiyan” … actually, if we really think, the obvious choice for this would be Kale!

Stay Tuned for more Dragon Ball Super news!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 87-89 Titles and Synopsis (mild spoilers!)

It’s that time of the week again, Dragon Ball Super Spoiler time!

As per usual, these are just titles and the Synopsis for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 87, 88 and 89 which will be airing in Japan  (and streaming Globally ) in the next few weeks.

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS ONLY MILD SPOILERS! (As I also like not know what is happening … it’s a fine balance).

Currently in the Dragon Ball Super’s “Universe  Survival Saga”, Goku and  Gohan are travelling all over the world,  building the Universe  7 team for the Universe  Survival Saga.

This week ( Episode 86), we know that Goku is going to find Android 17  somewhere in the episode a  mysterious space ship was shown to appear.   I have read a few theories that it may be Jaco (the Galactic patrolman) coming to warn  Goku about an alien threat but i do not put much weight into this as it seems to be just picking old characters at random in the hope we see them. (who wants to see Jaco the Jackass … Seriously).


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android 17 returns to dragon ball super episode 86 goku and 17 will fight for the first time and strange spaceship appears
android 17 returns to dragon ball super episode 86 goku and 17 will fight for the first time and strange spaceship appears

Warning … speculation follows!

On the topic of this mysterious spaceship, my own theory is that this ship will contain some sort of Alien threat and this threat will be used to add some Drama to the Universe  Survival Saga.   One thing that has really struck me since the episode where the Tournament Rules rules were announced was the shortness of the Tournament of Power, and potentially the saga.  So far in the Universe Survival Saga, the writers have done a good job of padding out the hours leading up to the Tournament but there is only so much of this that can be done before we will start to get bored of it… as we want to see the Tournament.

dragon ball super 86 preview a strange spacecraft appears
dragon ball super 86 preview a strange spacecraft appears

I speculate that the spaceship that is shown to appear in Episode 86 will contain an alien threat that will force  Goku to waste what precious time they have fighting them.  This situation  could add an amazing amount of tension  to these episodes  leading up to the Tournament of Power  as we would have a situation where not only is the Earth is at risk but the team are on a timer and if they do not save the earth in time the whole Universe will be destroyed … as they can’t miss the Tournament and it would help make these episodes leading up to the tournament a bit more exciting.


Now comes the Episode info.

Source @SodhiPack
Translation  @Herms98

spoilers titles and synposis for dragon ball super episode 87 88 and 89 from japan translated by herms
spoilers titles and synposis for dragon ball super episode 87 88 and 89 from japan translated by herms

Dragon  Ball Super  Episode  87

Airdate – 23rd 2017

Episode title – ” Hunt the poachers! Goku and No.17’s joint battle!”

Episode synopsis …

No. 17 battles poachers to save animals. Wanting to recruit No. 17 for the Tournament of Power at all costs, Goku joins the fight. Though No. 17 had turned Goku down before, after the poachers are defeated with Goku’s help, he agrees to enter the tournament. Meanwhile, Gohan is off visiting Piccolo.

Episode 88 + 89 on Page 2 …

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Dragon ball super – The Tournament of Power begins!

Dragon Ball Super EP 77 Reaction – The Tournament of Power is here!

Finally … After nearly a year (don’t quote me on that … it seems that long) the Universe Survival Tournament is here, and we have a name for it … The Tournament of Power!

This is my reactions/review of Episode 77 of Dragon Ball Super (subbed version) … and BOY WAS IT GOOD!

I really am super pumped for this … so much that words cannot describe, so check out my reaction video! 😀