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Not one but TWO New Female Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super! (Girl Brolly Revealed!)

Hot off the Dragon Ball Super Presses this morning (By way of our man Shasidhar Sunny of the @allanimeuniverse FB Group) is one MASSIVE Revelation!

It seems we are not getting just one new girl Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super, there is going to be TWO NEW GIRL SAIYANS!

We do not just have Caulifla … we also have Kale , and it is Kale who is the potential “Girl Brolly” !

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Caulifla : Let’s start by talking about Cauli, which is what I am going to call her, nothing to do with my middle name being Collie of course!

I AM WRONG!  I thought it was a dead cert that Caulifla was the new “Girl Brolly” that we saw in the current opening title for Dragon Ball Super and the more I look at the image above the more I realize how much of an ass I have been! From the comparison it’s blatant that Caulifla is NOT this Girl Brolly!  From what we have seen Cauli does not seem to be a good person Perse,  I say this as when we were introduced to her it just did not seem like she was very nice. She was hanging in a worn out building being guarded by her punk gang, so im going with her not being a “Goog Guy”.

“She is the younger sister of Renso who is the former captain of a Saiyan elite unit, the Sadala defense force, her brother Renso also trained Cabba.  Renso said about Caulifla “my sister may look like a simple punk but her potential power is far beyond my own”. 

Kala : So THIS is the “Girl Brolly” that we have seen in the titles and promotional material for the Universe Survival Saga / Tournament of Power and now that I see a comparison between the 2 girl Saiyans its pretty damn obvious (again, I was wrong ). Kale seems alot more reserved and it is not clear who exactly she is as we have not seen her on screen yet. By the looks of things she does not look like a fighter but as we have seen of the Universe 6 Saiyans in the past, they do not look as big and scary as the Universe7 Saiyans so her looks may be massively deceiving.  In fact, her looks ARE very much decieving as we know (by way of the title animation) that this Character IS THE GIRL BROLLY!

“She always gets chewed out by Cabba for being too nervous. After Cabba tells her to unleash her anger in order to become a Super Saiyan her pent up stress transforms her into a Berserker like state! (LIKE BROLLY!!! Legendary Super Saiyan!) She has incredible power once she cuts lose.”

We will be introduced to these characters in the next few weeks!  As i mentioned before I had a real “face palm” moment when i seen the image of the Two new Girl Saiyans and realied that the “Girl Brolly” was not the obvious punky girl with an attitude but rather it is the quiet and underwhelming girl who is the one that will turn “Legendary Super Saiyan” … actually, if we really think, the obvious choice for this would be Kale!

Stay Tuned for more Dragon Ball Super news!

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