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Doctor Who S10E01- The Pilot : Reactions, facts and review


After a very long wait Doctor Who is back, and so am I with my second season of TV and Anime reviews here on the Majin Stevie Channel.
Peter Capaldi is back as The Doctor.
Pearl Mackie Debuts as Bill
Matt Lucas is back as Nardol…

And season 10 has Began! This video is focusing on my reactions of the episode. In the next few days, I will be uploading a more in-depth review wich will go more in depth on the story aspects. This video is all about the reactions of the Doctor Who season 10 opener.

I am excited, im sure you are all excited so let’s do this, let us get hyped and pick out what made us go yey and what made us go nay in “The Pilot”.

Also, in my reactions, I get the elephant out of the room, that is my thoughts on the use of Sexuality with the Bill Character… Am i an old fashioned idiot or am I more progressive than the BBC? Watch and find out!


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