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Dragon Ball Super episode 81 Synopsis and news (NON SPOILER)

Since this post was created the full synopsis, preview and episode title has been released!  To see it click the link below! 




sode 81 news - Goku vs bergamo - dragon ball spoilers - dragon ball non spoilers - dragon ball news - geekdom101 will say this is a spoiler because he loves clickbait!
Episode 81 news – Goku vs bergamo – dragon ball spoilers – dragon ball non-spoilers – dragon ball news! Just dragon ball news from a printed Japanese magazine.

March 5th: The Omni-Present Match comes to a head! Does Goku have a shot at victory?!  The final battle of the Omni-Present  Match is Goku vs Bergamo!  Bergamo uses some slick talking to get the stadium on  Universes 4 (?! why  4 .. .mis translated?!) side, turning them completely against Goku and the gang!  What’s more, Bergamo shows off his ability to turn his opponent’s attack into his own power!  How will  Goku fight this tricky foe?

“Crusher Bergamo shows his stuff”

Omni-King this week:  Taking back his declaration to wipe out the universes?  Accepting  Bergamo’s proposal,  Omni-King announces that is Universe 4 wins, he will withdraw his plan to wipe out Universes who lose in the Tournament of Power!  

What is the  Omni-King’s aim?! 


So, what do I think about this?  Simply, it sounds exciting. We all knew that Goku was going to be fighting the third Trio de Danger.  It is interesting to know that Bergamo’s power  is that he can use someone elses power against them which  asks the question of what power up Goku will have to use to beat Bergamo, as if he goes SSB  then Bergamo can match him .  This will be interesting and i can not wait to see it! on March 4th!

One thing I noticed in the translation is a constant referral to “universe 4” ?  … I am fairly sure this is a mistranslation and it is supposed to be Universe 9, as  Universe 4 are not competing in the Exhibition Tournament.  We will not see Universe 4’s warriors until the Tournament proper.

Remember folks … kids, adults, guys and girls … this is just news, it is in NO WAY a spoiler.  Anyone who posts this as a “spoiler” is a perpetrator of clickbait.


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Credit to the Dragon Ball  Super facebook for the news and the legendary herms for translating all this for the community … dude, if i ever meet you  we are going to a bar and I’m buying!