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WWE 205 Live 14th February 2017 : WWE 150

WWE 150  is  where I review WWE shows in less than 150 words!

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WWE 205 Live in  150 characters  (or less) for the show dated 14th February 2017…  LETS BEGIN!

I like 205 live, I feel it’s just starting to find its feet.

One hour means less action, more words!

The Wan,  Noam Dar (I suplexed him before!), was up against  Rich Swan (You, can’t handle this!).

This was a great wrestling match (sadly Dar lost) with  both Swann and everyone on commentary saying ALISHA FAAAAAAWWWWWKS in the way that “The Special Wan” (graves can translate) has got over.  Everyone looked great in this match!

Next up, Drew Gulak vs Grand Metalik. Another good match!  Metalik has a slight slip at the start but recovered and won, hitting some amazing moves, that inside-rope springboard topei con-helio is a thing of beauty.

The main event was yet another great match. Perkins (boo) vs Neville (fuck yea!).  Both men looked great with Neville becoming a total badass who finished using the Rings of Saturn Submission.

A great show, Roll on next week!

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