team universe 7 rankings

Dragon ball super - universe survival saga - the tournament of power

DBS – Team Universe 7 Rankings – The 5 weakest (10th – 6th position) !

With the  Tournament of Power fast approaching  … but not as fast as everyone expected, I have decided to have a quick look back at the first  5 fighters in my Team Universe 7 rankings…

dragon ball super episode 79 synposis - non spoiler - universe survival saga - tournament of power begins - tournament of power round 1 - universe 7 vs universe 9

[Dragon Ball Super NEWS!]Tournament of Power : Match 1 Announced! Universe 7 Vs Universe 9

News taken from Dragon Ball Exclusives, click here to visit them on Facebook! (all images borrowed from them and Credited as they Asked … You guys rock for this!) Synopsis : A battle against the…