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DBS – Team Universe 7 Rankings – The 5 weakest (10th – 6th position) !

With the  Tournament of Power fast approaching  … but not as fast as everyone expected, I have decided to have a quick look back at the first  5 fighters in my Team Universe 7 rankings

Do you agree with my rankings so far OR do you think they are a pile os shit and you could do better …  either way, let me know in the Video’s  comments!  (I don’t get enough comments … I want more!)

The word on the street is that the Fighting in the Tournament of power starts in Episode 79 of Dragon Ball super.  Keep an eye on my Twitter, Youtube channel (subscribe) or just bookmark this page for any news on the Universe Survival Saga!

Today’s news – Click here for info on the first fights or the Tournament of Power 

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[Dragon Ball Super NEWS!]Tournament of Power : Match 1 Announced! Universe 7 Vs Universe 9

News taken from Dragon Ball Exclusives, click here to visit them on Facebook! (all images borrowed from them and Credited as they Asked … You guys rock for this!)

Synopsis : A battle against the universe 9!? Majin Boo starts the first round!! An opening match orzinised by the Supreme King is held as a preliminary to the “Power Tournament”. The fighting is finally about to begin!  The first representative of Unniverse 7  is Majin Boo,  but fighter Basil of the Universe 9 is also a powerful opponent.  A fight with their native land in play! Universe 7 VS universe 9, The game of all presents finally begins!  Participants for Universe 7 are Goku, Gohan and Boo. The loosing Universe will be annihilated?  Their opponents are the fighters of the universe 9 nicknamed “Trio of Dangers”

It is being reported that in a few weeks (whenever Episode 79 airs) it looks like the first round of the “Tournament of Power” kicks off in what looks to be a very epic (Universe survival) saga. As the image above images tells us, Round one begins with our Universe 7 team taking on a Team from Universe 9.

The image and Quote above is a  translation from  Jump Magazine although I personally am not sure if this is a  direct translation or a  google translate as some points do not make sense and even contradict itself  … I mean its a prelim round, why would they have universes in danger, or do they maybe mean their home  planet?

If this translation is correct it  also seems to say that the teams of 10 will be split into smaller groups (of three), who then may be fighting singly as Boo is said to be the being fighting and no one else.

Either way, Dragon Ball Exclusives are reporting when  we are getting our first matches and that is in episode 79!  It is only a week or 2 until we find out of this prophecy is correct. Below is the original image from Jump.

dragon ball super episode 79 synposis - non spoiler - universe survival saga - tournament of power begins - tournament of power round 1 - universe 7 vs universe 9
dragon ball super episode 79 synposis – non spoiler – universe survival saga – tournament of power begins – tournament of power round 1 – universe 7 vs universe 9

(Jump magazine print the synopsis for up coming Dragon Ball Super episodes … just like our Western TV guides do, they are NOT Spoilers.)


IF YOU ARE GOOD AT JAPANESE  / TRANSLATIONS, FEEL FREE to correct anything i have been reported by tweeting me at @majinstevie

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Dragon Ball Super – Universe Survival arc – Universe 7 team rankings

UNiverse survival arc - dragon ball super
UNiverse survival arc – dragon ball super

Coming in February to Dragon Ball super is the “Universe Survival Saga” where Goku gets his wish of more hard battles and we get the wish ofthe tournament that was promised to us month ago at the end of champa’s tournament.

I will be taking a look at team universe 7 and ranking the team members from weakest to strongest (or 10 – 1 ) in the run up to the big tournament!



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Dragon Ball Super 66 – The Climactic Battle – SPIRIT BOMB SWORD! [CRAZY EXCITED REVIEW]




Dragon Ball Super #66 Review.
The Climactic Battle –
(Warning – I get excited and swear a bit in this review!
A Mother F**KING SPIRIT BOMB SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This weeks Dragon Ball super was off the freaking hook, so my review is a little excited. I cover everything … Kaioken SSB Goku , SSB Vegito, the mutated zamasu and of course Trunks and trunks sword!

This is chocked full of spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 66 as well as some swearing as i got hella excited!

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