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WCPW Bulletproof Results – Joe Coffey new champ?! [VIDEO]

World of Trash is Back on Youtube, with not just out first Wrestling review but our first (of many) WCPW (what culture) Wrestling reviews?

The next WCPW (What Culture Pro Wrestling) show is the next leg of the WCPW Wrestling world Cup heats which I will be covering both here and on the web site.

I (Stevie, the guy speaking) am having some issues with hearing atm, this is my tentative return. Its a bit strange so bear with me haha,

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Dragon Ball Super – What is Trunk’s new Transformation?

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After Dragon Ball Super Episodes 61 and 62 the Dragon Ball community have one question … What IS Trunks new Transformation?

Is he a Legendary Super Saiyan, is he SSB or is he even Mystic? In this video I look at what he could be and discuss what Trunks new transformation could be.

Super Saiyan Hybrid?

(This video contains speculation and theories, do not take what you see or hear about Trunks new transformation as fact from me or in fact anyone. Nothing is fact unless you see it in the Dragon Ball Super Anime or Manga!)


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If you have read all the way down to here then hello again and enjoy some deep thought with me.

Being right and the ego

*A sure fire way to tell if you’re being led by your ego is to notice if you’re desperate to be right. When you’re caught in an argument what are you fighting for? Are you genuinely making a point or are you arguing to prove that you’re right? Someone very wise once said to me:

“You can be happy…..or you can be right.”
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*This is a great question to ask yourself next time you’re caught in the throws of an argument. Or are you willing to sacrifice your own personal happiness just so that you can make your ego happy by being right?

You do not need to blow out someone else’s candle to make yours burn brighter … just Saiyan!