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Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)

Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)
ABZ Podcast

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Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)

I am a labour party member and have been for more than 2 years.

I am not an anti-semite, I am not racist, I am not in any way sectarian not do i have a problem with anyone of any sexual orientation.

This is why I joined the Labour party!

So taking all that into account, let’s think about the current smears on the Labour party, which are coming from (sadly) within the party more than anywhere else.

Why Am I PAYING to be a member of a party that lets its infighting stop us from gaining power??

In this podcast, I ask that question!

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5 ways to win the next UK General Election (2018 ??) – (ABZ Archive)

5 ways to win the next UK General Election (2018 ??) – (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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5 ways to win the next UK General Election (2018 ??) – (ABZ Archive)
Feb 17, 2018

The UK currently has possibly one of its most feeble Governments of all time, lead by the weakest Prime Minister in living memory.

“Teflon Theresa May” is how she will be remembered.

So it is very easy for me to say that it there will most likely be a General Election, this year … In 2018 ( in case she somehow lasts ANOTHER year!).

I am a Mild Mannered and motivated maker of media who while trying to find a job has resolved myself to just keep making media to keep busy. If your wish is to do something nice then you can do something nice by supporting the channel. Visithttp://patreon.com/stevieabz to donate (perks soon… Crowdfunding is new to me) or by visiting my Redbubble shop and buying some stickers, mugs, hoodies or Tshirts 😀 (Click Here!)

In this Episode of ABZ, I (Stevie) had an idea. I am going to try and think up 5 solid ways The Labour Party, The Conservatives and even the Liberal Democrats can win the next general election…

So I give to you all …

  • FIVE WAYS The Labour Party can WIN the next General election.
  • FIVE WAYS The Conservative Party can HOLD POWER in the next General Election
  • FIVE WAYS The Liberal Democrats can win some seats back.

This is a break from Brexit, Back to the grind next week. I am working on a few interviews, one I am going to pull my finger out of my ass and get done as Brexit will end at some point.

BRexit is the monkeys paw of politics pawlitics
BRexit is the monkeys paw of politics pawlitics

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When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)

When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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When the hunter becomes the hunted - James o' Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)
When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)
Feb 9, 2018

For a bit of context, lately, I have been doing a lot of research into online paedophile hunters and how they operate for a short documentary and podcast which will be coming to both here and my Video Channels around March/April.

This week, a very interesting story came to my attention where BBC Northern Ireland Investigative Journalist Kevin Magee basically “stung” (jumped with cameras?) Online Paedophile hunter “James O’ Neil” on his doorstep… A very tacky option in my opinion.

(There had to be another way Kevin!)

This was followed up later by a retaliation “sting” with James and what I can only assume was another member of Silent Justice catching up with Kevin Magee in a coffee shop and following him around for a bit before the cops were called, you can watch that below. (contains ALOT of swearing!)

In this week’s podcast, I am just having a chat about this situation and a few other areas of this world which have affected me in my investigation into these groups. I give my overall view on both incidents and whether or not Kevin Magee was right to act how he did. in the first place.

If anyone from this group or incident would like to contact me, send an email to podcasts@worldoftrash.co.uk

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**(The youtube videos I have posted are posted by an account named “Steve Smith” … While this IS a pretty cool name I need to say that this is not me! This is the downside of having a name that is common as sh*t!).

ABZ 10th Nov 2017 – The Shady Rich elite and a MARROW Escape! (Archived)

ABZ 10th Nov 2017 – The Shady Rich elite and a MARROW Escape! (Archived)
ABZ Podcast

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Trashcast Radio 10th Nov 2017 – The Shady Rich elite and a MARROW Escape!

Previously aired on the 10thg November 2017 (duuh!)

Created and Hosted by Stevie!

ON this week’s Podcast, I was overwhelmed with crazy stuff to speak about from the UK’s political world.

From the QUEEN avoiding paying tax by using offshore accounts (which invested in BRIGHTHOUSE!) to Boris Johnson condemning an innocent woman to MORE time in an Iranian jail because he cannot control his own verbal Diarrhea.

I also talk about some more lighthearted and fun topics like the Trials and Tribulations that go into making my Documentary project and how an 81-year-old man in Germany had a MARROW escape from disaster!

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Read more at https://worldoftrash.libsyn.com/trashcast-radio-10th-nov-2017-the-shady-rich-elite-and-a-marrow-escape#hD0ZbuU2eOJmvQDU.99

WCPW Bulletproof Results – Joe Coffey new champ?! [VIDEO]

World of Trash is Back on Youtube, with not just out first Wrestling review but our first (of many) WCPW (what culture) Wrestling reviews?

The next WCPW (What Culture Pro Wrestling) show is the next leg of the WCPW Wrestling world Cup heats which I will be covering both here and on the web site.

I (Stevie, the guy speaking) am having some issues with hearing atm, this is my tentative return. Its a bit strange so bear with me haha,

You can follow world of trash for regular WWE , Anime and TV content by following us @worldoftrash on twitter and facebook or by visiting our site worldoftrash.co.uk.

You can check our my own channel “Majin Stevie” Where i review Dragon ball , Sherlock, Doctor who, South Park and much more (depending on whats on tv!). You can follow me @majinstevie.

Dragon Ball Super – What is Trunk’s new Transformation?

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After Dragon Ball Super Episodes 61 and 62 the Dragon Ball community have one question … What IS Trunks new Transformation?

Is he a Legendary Super Saiyan, is he SSB or is he even Mystic? In this video I look at what he could be and discuss what Trunks new transformation could be.

Super Saiyan Hybrid?

(This video contains speculation and theories, do not take what you see or hear about Trunks new transformation as fact from me or in fact anyone. Nothing is fact unless you see it in the Dragon Ball Super Anime or Manga!)


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If you have read all the way down to here then hello again and enjoy some deep thought with me.

Being right and the ego

*A sure fire way to tell if you’re being led by your ego is to notice if you’re desperate to be right. When you’re caught in an argument what are you fighting for? Are you genuinely making a point or are you arguing to prove that you’re right? Someone very wise once said to me:

“You can be happy…..or you can be right.”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*This is a great question to ask yourself next time you’re caught in the throws of an argument. Or are you willing to sacrifice your own personal happiness just so that you can make your ego happy by being right?

You do not need to blow out someone else’s candle to make yours burn brighter … just Saiyan!