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Dragon Ball Super Screenshots – Episode 63 (Subbed)

While we host all  these Dragon Ball Screenies on Imgur, due to Imgurians loving to moan in the comments about pettiest of stuff We  decided  to save our sanity and switch the galleries to Hidden.

Hidden Imgur Galleries are good but at the same time is it  worth the hassle… short answer no, long answer yea!

To get round this, we will start to post every Gallery here on World of Trash while hosting them on Imgur. This gives us the free image hosting abilities of Imgur  and ties in with  worldoftrash.co.uk’s slick UI.

( Please feel free to share and use these as you see fit! No rights to these belong to me. I took and used these for review purposes and I have made these Galleries available to others for the exact reasons of  media/journalism   or artistic research. – admin)