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lis lord frieza returning in dragon ball super episode 93 - major dragon ball super spoilers

Lord Frieza Returning to Dragon Ball Super episode 93 (Leaks?!) ?

So Is Lord Frieza returning to Dragon Ball super in episode 93 to join the Z fighters team for the upcoming Universal Survival Tournament? Personally, We here are dubious, but just in case we think…

Dragon Ball Super episode 92 spoilers news Emergency We don't have all 10 members Preview Majin Buu won't awaken as mighty warriors from throught the universes assemble

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 PREVIEW – IS Frieza returning to Dragon Ball ?? (Mild Spoilers!)

Hot off the presses of Shonen Jump ¬†Magazine (Available in Japanese and in English online) we have more news where the Universe Survival Arc is heading. I will tag this as a Mild Spoiler, as…