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South Park S21E06 “Sons A Witches” – Review and TV Ratings DROP news

South Park S21E06 “Sons A Witches” – Review and TV Ratings news

Better late than ever due to spooky (what I assume is) Halloween related glitch which encoded a 4-second south park review before naming the correct video with a video title from a few weeks ago… but anyway! (i need to stop, i am ranting!)

We are going down to South Park to have ourselves a time, this week withRandy and his yearly South Park Witches: Jack and Crack week long party (bender!)

What madness is Randy and his friends unleashing on South Park this week, as a group of fully Grown Witches…

But what IF a witch was real!! …

Great Episode, but you need to listen to the review to know why!

I also have some news on the latest South Park’s current TV Ratings and my speculation on whether this means anything.

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