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South Park S21E04 – Franchise Prequel – Watch …

…¬†South Park S21E04 – Franchise Prequel – Watch the super cool review now!

South Park Season 21 Episode 04 – Review

Franchise Prequel

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A bit later than usual but here, all the same, I am back with my review and unique outlook on South Park Season 21 Episode 04 Franchise Prequel!

Franchise Prequel was a great episode, not perfect but great all the same. So far season 21 of South Park has been a step back to the good old times of South Park for most and for those that did not like season 20 it is the Breath of fresh air the series needed.

So what happens this week, What exactly are the Coon and Friends fighting? Why is Butters being a dick and is Mark Zuckerberg really this much of a penis?

All these questions and more are answered in full in this weeks super awesome South Park Review.

majin stevies - F is for Fail , A Theresa May Satire shirt
majin stevies – F is for Fail , A Theresa May Satire shirt

On theories … what theories? … those days seem long gone now!

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south park season 21 episode 02 review, feedback, facts, theories, live coverage, youtube, majin stevie
south park season 21 episode 02 review, feedback, facts, theories, live coverage, youtube, majin stevie

Worldoftrash.co.uk Site UPDATE – SO MUCH NEWS!!!!! (September 2017)

Thank you for stumbling over this page and Sticking with us during our last downtime.

I say our, as mentioned previously, Sadly Ando (Kevin Anderson) Stopped writing WWE 300 (very short WWE Reviews) articles for us. Ando, you are sorely missed but the site roles on and its back to just me (for now), attempting to keep this ship out of the internet Abyss.

In the last few months,  I (Stevie / Trash) have had quite a bit of madness in my life including a home move which scuppered everything for a while. Thankfully this has passed and I am back to the point where I am creating videos and now, getting on top of this website as well!

So for now, it’s just Me in control of the worldoftrash.co.uk¬†site which, I mean this is my website and the buck stops with me, So It’s up to me to get everything back up and running. This website was the last thing on my list but was never forgotten!

To get everything back to normal, My plans have been done in this order.

*Create my own T-shirt store ( Redbubble ) and get that selling thing. I decided this was first on the list as i was able to do this without having a real internet connection.  Go check the shop out for loads of funky wearables or cringeworthy Gift Cards! https://www.redbubble.com/people/majinstevieart/shop

*Get the “Majin Stevie” Video back up and running with new content. ¬†My personal video channel “Majin Stevie” is back up, running and producing videos. It is the busy time of the year video wise as I am not only doing Dragon Ball Super Reviews, but I also have South Park Season 21 reviews and facts at the moment as well as my new series “Reading the Manga” which is going through the Dragon Ball Manga series … Chapter by Chapter (From when Goku was a kid!)!

Majin Stevie Youtube Channel

*South Park reviews are back… Season 21! Need I say more!

*Website back being updated … check!

*LAST on the ever-growing list is something which I will be releasing fortnightly, this list item is a new wrestling podcast hosted my myself (stevie) for the lovely people at OSW.TV Wrestling. The poscast will be covering the Scottish Wrestling scene and nothing more … Its that simple. ¬†Every 2 weeks I will be on the air with all he news and event announcement a Scottish wrestling fan needs to hear. ¬†I will also have some interviews!

OSW.TV Facebook Page – Click here to read!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!