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SomeOrdinaryGamers : The Adventurer of the DeepWeb

SomeOrdinaryGamers - Deep Web Browsing
SomeOrdinaryGamers – Deep Web Browsing

The DeepWeb, AKA Tor, DarkWeb, DankWeb is the part of the internet that cannot be seen by your usual internet search engines or even browsers, I will not go into the details here rather I will give you the following link and you can have a read if you would like to know about this area of the internet but in short it can be described as the part of the internet where all the real hidden stuff lies.


With the Tor browser package installed on your PC you can jump right in although very quickly you will hit a brick wall as due to the aforementioned search engine issues it can be very hard to find anything.  Hidden wiki sites exist with collections of links with everything from pictures of Japanese toilets, fake assassins, stolen credit cards, drugs and the really dark stuff that would land you in jail and labelled a sex offender so as you could imagine looking through this side of the internet cannot just be daunting… it can be plain scary!

Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers - creator and host of Deep Web Browsing
Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers – creator and host of Deep Web Browsing

Along comes Mutahar who runs the YouTube channel SomeOrdinaryGamers where he reviews games, tells scary stories from the internet (creepypastas) but most notably is his series “Deep Web Browsing” which is available to watch every Sunday and now is up to its 43rd episode.

In Deep Web Browsing Mutahar takes a look at the “Dank” side of the internet, investigating every corner so we do not have to.  So far in his travels he has come across websites with a collection of images of Japanese toilets, a large amount of sites selling Credit card sites, Hitmen, Drug stores, Happy hackers, Nasty hackers, CIA secrets as well as site that relate to subjects such as Snuff Porn and Child abuse which in these cases he passes the details on to the authorities to help rid the internet of this crap.

deep web browsing - youtube
deep web browsing – youtube

Mutahar’s fantastic journeys through the dark side of the internet usually end with a video found on the DeepWeb which in my opinion has become a style of film in itself, sometimes these are so badly made they are funny but other times they are very creepy and makes you think “is this real?!”.

SomeOrdinaryGamers is a must subscribe when it comes to YouTube channels with Deep Web Browsing being a weekly must watch for anyone interested in what lies hidden on the internet.  He also releases many gaming videos along with commentary on various topics that are worth watching.

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