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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 – In Under 150 words

PREFACE: This is a new idea I Toying with and as the name suggests it is a review of a WWE (or any other) Wrestling PPV  created in 100 words of less, so without further a-do here we go!

I cannot do it in under 140 Characters, but 150 words yes. One day 100 Words, then 50 … then just a tweet!

WWE  Elimination chamber, great show!Something I have come to expect from  Smackdown!

Mojo  Vs Hawkins…should be pre- show IMO.

Tag team turmoil was just that with all the teams looking good.  I wish the Ascension won!

The Uso’s are much better these days, love the look!

Nicki vs Natty was a  solid match,  I don’t mind the double Count-out.  Nicki only seemed to be able to sell her leg was sore.

Naomi won!  Awesome! Best female entrance IMO!

Randy vs Harper was a fantastic watch, solid wrestling with solid characters is always Quality match!

The elimination chamber match  I was one of the best I’ve seen! From start to finish it was non-stop action with everyone looking great.

Bray winning the  WWE World Championship was the icing on the cake. The guy deserves it! A good moment with Randy at the end. All round a  damn good show!


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