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Podcast : Trashcast Radio 003 – Fighting Britain Firsts loonies and why i was WRONG about BREXIT!

Friends, acquaintances and people who have liked my pages! Come listen to the absolute Lad live on your podcast player…

On this weeks show …

  • How my weekend in Glasgow last weekend went (ICW F+L x … thank you Sally :D)
  • The Britian First online army of racist pricks and how they love to cry.
  • Phillip Hammonds latest stealth tax on the most vulnerable in society!
  • And, as its my podcast and i can speak without being accused of being a Mysoginist, i talk about MY opinions on the new Doctor who and changing genders of  any estabished character be it male or female!

Posted by World of TRASH on Saturday, 25 November 2017

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