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Yet More MILLIONS for the McCanns and is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-semitic? ABZ Podcast

Yet More MILLIONS for the McCanns and is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-semitic? ABZ Podcast
ABZ Podcast

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On this week’s show,

11 Million Pounds used in the Madeline McCann search.

  • £11 Million pounds spend over 11 years.
  • What could YOU actually buy with £11 Million?
  • I think that sadly Maddie died 11 years ago, I have no idea how.
  • Why were the parents never punished for this?
  • Loads of other kids in the UK have gone missing in the UK and the parents never got this much help, most likely as they are in the working classes and not the child of a Doctor.

SPOILERS – Corbyn is not anti-semitic!

For some reason, the mystery ” im going to change the pitch of your recorded audio down midway through the show for absolutely no reason” bug striked again, so if for some reason you think it sounds slightly different during the second half, then guess what, you are right.  I  SERIOUSLY need some new equipment!

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Breaking down the current Anti-Semitism smears against Jeremy Corbyn. 

(Who do I think is causing the trouble, and why!)

  • Is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-Semite.
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s voting record on Jewish / anti-semitic issues within Government.
  • 10 examples Jeremy Corbyn NOT being an Anti-Semite.
  • 10 MORE EXAMPLES of Jeremy Corbyn NOT being an Anti-semite.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is as Anti-Semitic compared to …
  • My thoughts and feelings on the Jeremy Corbyn Smears as a Labour party member and who is to blame for these nasty political smears.
  • Two faced MP’s who are only in the job for the pension.
  • Are YOU an Anti-Semite? … How do you know if you are?

This weeks show was a fun rant of a show. There is so much bullshit coming from political media these days with the propaganda levels being turned up to 20 by the Russian Government and to around 30 by our own Government.

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