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That time Steve Blackman Stood up to a Bullying JBL

Happy Monday everyone!

The story of the moment is, of course, the allegations of JBL  and his years of bullying, I say allegations as  we don’t want to be sued although the evidence seems pretty substantial  so  I  (Stevie, not the site) would say that he IS a massive bully,

Now, I HATE Bullies and I LOVE to hear about bullies getting their comeuppance!

This drew me to the following quote from Bob Holly’s Book  “The Hardcore Truth”, which is regarded as one of the best wrestling books on the market so   very much worth a read.  The following quote is on the Topic of John Bradshaw Layfield attempting to Bully the Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman.

I will let the story do the talking (I can not do this justice.)…

At Kansas City airport, Steve and I were waiting around when Bradshaw came over. It was an early morning flight and John was still drunk from the night before. He started patting Steve’s ass. Steve said, “John, I don’t play that shit, knock it off.” John patted him again. And again. Steve was getting brutally pissed. He told him, “John, next time you do that, I’m going to knock your fucking teeth out.” So, of course, John did it again. Steve whipped around and backhanded Bradshaw, popping him with jabs in the face.

John started swinging and missing, and his head was snapping back with each of Steve’s jabs. Steve stepped back, planning to kick Bradshaw’s knees out, but he got his leg caught in a bag handle. Al Snow and I grabbed Steve, Ron Simmons grabbed John, and we pulled them apart. John was walking back and forth like a bandy rooster, looking to fight. Before we left, Steve told him, “I’m going to fucking kill you.” He meant it too.

We got our car and got on the road. Ken Shamrock was riding with us. Me, Blackman, and Shamrock. That’s a dangerous car, and I’m the warm one — a teddy bear compared to the other two. That whole journey, Shamrock was poking and prodding Steve, telling him that Bradshaw was going to beat his ass. Steve wasn’t saying a word. And who did we see when we checked in to the hotel? Bradshaw and Ron were right there.

The boys don’t always stay at the same hotels, so it was a complete coincidence and not a good one for John. He came over to apologise and Steve said, “No apologies, I’m going to finish you later,” then walked off. We found him in the gym, still boiling mad. Once we were in the arena and had sat down in catering, John walked in. Everybody went silent as Steve stood up. He said, “If you’ve got something to say to me, you say it now or I’m going to finish you in front of everybody.” Bradshaw walked over, apologised and said, “I shouldn’t have fucked with you,” and shook his hand. That was the end of it. Steve sat down and said, “Bob, if it wasn’t for that bag, John would be in intensive care right now.” Trust me, I believe it — if anybody can put Bradshaw in the hospital with one kick, it’s Steve Blackman.

After learning a good bit of wrestling history over the years,  there are a few people from the attitude era whom I just wIuld not mess with, one of them is Ken Shamrock and another would be  Steve Blackman. He is called the Lethal weapon for a reason.!

You can buy Bob Holly’s book at the link below, its very much worth the investment!
Bob Holly :The Hardcore Truth (Amazon)

And to finish off this article, how about one of the wrestling memes of the moment.  I present to you a loop of JBL being knocked out by Bart  Gunn.  Enjoy, as it is … GLORIOUS!

bart-gunn-knocks-out-bradshaw- as part of wwe's brawl for all which made bradshaw jbl look like a total bitch
bart-gunn-knocks-out-bradshaw- as part of wwe’s brawl for all which made bradshaw jbl look like a total bitch

Is there anything better than seeing a Bully owned on television?