freeza and goku mini arc

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 official preview from shonen jump magazine translated by herms SPOILERS ORIGINAL SCAN FROM JUMP MAGAZINE

Dragon Ball Super episode 95 PREVIEW / SPOILERS – Official Jump Magazine Preview

It’s that time again, by way of @herms98 (an absolute diamond) we have the Jump Magazine Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Preview! As per usual, i will post the Translation in Text form and then…

it looks like korin and yanjarobi will be back for at least a small cameo in dragon ball super episode 94 ... senzu bean!

Dragon Ball Super 94 – 98 Episode title leaks and Scans (Rumors, Facts and SPOILERS!)

This week we have some news on upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes! Earlier this week we saw rumoured “leaks” of the upcoming episode titles. We do not post-Rumours here, only verified information … period. Today,…

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